Medical and retail buildings proposed at Duplex & Port Royal

A new three-story, 40,446 square-foot medical facility is being proposed at the corner of Port Royal and Duplex Roads.

The proposal also includes two additional one-story 8,500 square-foot retail buildings and would encompass approximately 6.13 acres.

The applicant T Square Engineering presented the request to the Spring Hill Planning Commission this week, where it was given a thorough review. The property is currently zoned C-3 for commercial, which would allow the medial and retail use. However, the property would be required to undergo a traffic impact study and water/sewer capacity test before approval, according to a Spring Hill planning staff report.

Some of the issues from planners were in regard to the site’s access, which includes a curb cut on Port Royal and an existing stub off Kent Lane.

“With the parking lot itself, to me it just feels a little awkward,” Planning Commission Vice Chair James Golias said. “It’s a challenging site with the frontage onto both roads, with whatever the architectural elements may be, though I know we aren’t there yet.”

A three-story medical building and retail space is being proposed at the intersection of Port Royal and Duplex Roads.

Mayor Jim Hagaman said having a connection to Kent Lane would likely be in violation of the city’s Unified Development Code, primarily to “promote safety and welfare.”

“If you bring traffic onto Kent Lane, this safety is directly compromised and is in conflict of that,” Hagaman said. “This does not preserve the quality of life, but actually degrades the quality of life.”

There were also concerns about the 173 proposed parking spots, which consist of multiple variants.

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