LootMogul Sports Metaverse – DKS Apparel Announce Deal to Open Four Retail / Experiential Web 3 Stores

SANTA MONICA, Calif. and NEW YORK, Sept. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — LootMogul announced an agreement has been made with DKS Apparel to acquire the real estate and open four Retail/Experiential Stores in Washington DC, Los Angeles, Miamiand new York metaverse sports cities.

“Our goal is to convert as many premier web2 sports businesses into web3 meta shops and experience centers in our sport cities, as possible. This helps businesses to generate a whole new revenue stream from web3 sports fanatics and boost their existing retail/web2 sales.”

DKS has this unique value for the younger generation both in the physical and meta world, which is already crypto-blockchain savvy. We are thrilled to onboard DKS in LootMogul metaverse.” stated LootMogul CEO Raj Rajkotia.

“This is a huge opportunity for DKS to continue to build our brand and also to expand into the Metaverse. At DKS, we firmly believe that bringing our brand into the LootMogul Metaverse will offer our current customers and future customers the opportunity to rep DKS in the physical world and the real world,” stated DKS CEO Dominic Thomas.

“DKS is always striving to be on the cutting-edge of fashion and the marketplace and obtaining this opportunity with LootMogul only reinforces the belief that DKS remains on the cutting-edge and will afford us the opportunity to have the DKS brand in front of hundreds of millions of potential new customers,” added Thomas.

About LootMogul

LootMogul is an athlete-led sports metaverse (web3 platform) that is powered by virtual real estate, training academies, blockchain games, and metashops for brands and athletes with in-real-life (IRL) rewards. LootMogul secured recently a $200 million investment commitment from Gem Global Yield LLC SCS (GGY), part of GEM. Read more

For more details visit: https://lootmogul.com

LootMogul Community – https://www.instagram.com/lootmogul/

About DKS Apparel

DKS is a lifestyle-streetwear brand specializing in exclusive, ready-to-wear garments such as pants, shorts, jackets, and accessories. Influenced by the world of art and today’s ever-changing culture, DKS brings a new, eye-catching flair to the fashion industry.

DKS Apparel, sold in ten countries around the globe, can be seen on professional athletes from basketball, football, and skateboarding as well as renowned actors and music artists. DKS strongly believes in an inclusive world and gives a portion of profits to global and local charities. @dksapparel

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