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Nashik: Taking note of the former Tata Sons chairman Cyrus Mistry and Maratha leader Vinayak Mete’s deaths, in separate road accidents, the state transport department has launched a program to analyze every road accident across the state to ascertain the reasons, to formulate new rules and policies.
Deputy commissioner of the road safety cell of the state transport department Bharat Kalaskar said all the concerned agencies like NHAI, police and Regional Transport Office (RTO) would analyze the reasons behind the accidents. This database will be used to formulate policies to reduce road accidents.
“We have started conducting workshops on this issue in all the divisions of the state,” said Kalaskar.
“Several reasons like faulty road construction, mechanical snags in vehicles, human error, etc. cause accidents. A mobile and web application named Integrated Road Accident Database (IRAD) is in place. When an accident takes place, the police fill in all the details of the accident in it. However, other agencies like the RTO and the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) do not have complete knowledge about the application. The aim of the workshop was that even the RTO, NHAI and state PWD pitch in for the scientific analysis of the road accidents and fill accident-related details in the IRAD application,” said Bharat Kalaskar.
The department will later analyze the feedback that it gets on the IRAD in formulating policies and norms to reduce road accidents.
NHAI project director, Nashik Bhausaheb Salunke, said apart from the road conditions, there are many other reasons for road accidents. Therefore, a thorough study through proper analysis will definitely help in formulating policies to bring down the rate of road accidents.
Two prominent personalities, who were traveling in high-end cars, recently died in road accidents, which raised questions over the quality of safety features in the high-end cars.
As per the data released by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), a total of 13,911 casualties were reported on the state roads in 2021.
Vasudev Bhagat, the deputy RTO of Nashik, said the inspection of current accident vehicles, guided by experts, would pinpoint the root causes. This analysis would help in reducing road accidents. A large number of officials from Nashik, Dhule, Nandurbar, Jalgaon and Ahmednagar, Srirampur and Malegaon participated in the workshop.


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