American retail giant Walmart breaks into metaverse with Roblox

  • Walmart has announced the debut of two metaverse experiences on Roblox, Walmart Land and Walmart’s Universe of Play.
  • Walmart Land will deliver entertainment products to 52 million Roblox users worldwide.
  • Walmart has joined giants like Nike, Ralph Lauren and American Eagle Outfitters with the metaverse initiative on Roblox.

Walmart has joined the league of fashion and retail giants in the Roblox metaverse. In its latest push, Walmart announced the launch of two metaverse experiences on the massive multiplayer game system.

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Walmart’s Metaverse Push Through Roblox

Walmart announced its foray in the metaverse with “Walmart Land” and the “Universe of Play,” two new experiences on Roblox, an online gaming platform and game creation system developed by Roblox Corporation. The two virtual worlds are geared at young Walmart customers and Roblox players will be able to collect new virtual merchandise, play games featuring toys and characters, earn toys from a blimp, attend live concerts, win fashion competitions and more.

Walmart’s break into metaverse is its first experiment with the virtual world as the retail giant eyes next generation Alpha and Gen Z shoppers. Previously Walmart experimented with AI-powered virtual try-on technology.

The retail giant will allow Roblox users to redeem their coins and badges to purchase merchandise for their avatars. According to the announcement, the Land will include three different experiences: Electric Island, House of Style, and Electric Fest. The “Universe of Play” will encompass immersive games, rewards and virtual adventures.

William White, CMO of Walmart US was quotes as saying:

This is another step of reaching our customers in unexpected ways and in the places where they’re spending their time. We are excited to be one of the first major retailers to do this.

Major retailers on Roblox metaverse include Nike with its Nikeland, American Eagle Outfitters and Ralph Lauren. White believes Walmart’s initiative is just another example of how the brand reimagines unique and innovative ways to engage with customers.

Why Walmart’s entry in the metaverse matters

Large brands and institutions’ fora in the metaverse drives the adoption of digital art and collectibles. Tech giant Apple’s embrace of NFT sales through its App Store and Walmart’s push in the metaverse through Roblox are milestone events driving the adoption of digital collectibles for next generation users.


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