Mouse droppings: Chester County restaurant inspections Sept. 25 | Restaurant Inspections

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, 866-366-3723, uses a risk-based inspection reporting process for restaurants and other food handlers.

Charlestown Township

PJ Whelihan’s of Malvern, 12 General Warren Blvd, Spet. 12, Pass. No violations.

Coatesville City

LC Express Services, 768 E Lincoln Hwy, Sept. 13, Pass. No violations.

East Marlborough Township

China Garden, 826 E. Baltimore Pike, Follow Up, Sept. 13, Pass. At the exterior door in the rear of the facility, replace the missing floor tiles in the frame to ensure the door is tight-fitting in the frame. Tiles on-site at this inspection. Repair person is scheduled to complete the repairs. At the walk-in refrigerator and freezer, the bottom edge between the door and floor is in disrepair. Replace to provide a smooth, easily cleanable surface. The tile and cove base are on-site for install by repair person.

East Pikeland Township

Two Brothers Meat Market, 512 Kimberton, Sept. 12, Pass, No violaitons.

Lower Oxford Township

Sabatino Mobile, 901 E Boot Rd, Sept. 15, Pass. No violations.

Kennett Square Borough

Sang Tong Thai, 420 W Cypress St, Sept. 12, Pass. Clean the following areas: 1. Ceiling around hood – dusty 2. Floor under cookline equipment

Kennett Brewing Company, 109 S Broad St, Sept. 14, Pass. Remove unused refrigerator from kitchen. Remove ice build up in the 2 door freezer in the kitchen. Discard food covered with ice.

London Britain Township

Daddy’s Kitchen, 1549 New London Rd, Sept. 14, Pass. No violations.

London Grove Township

Burger King, 560 Hepburn Rd, Sept. 12, Pass. No violations.

Taquitos Magy LLC, 1056 Gap Newport Pike, Sept. 14, Fail. Screening at the doorway of unit is not secure or tight-fitting. Correct immediately. Containers of cooked rice and tongue were observed in the reach-in refrigerator at temperatures of 52-62 F. It was indicated that the foods had been cooked, then placed in the refrigerator at approximately 9am. This inspection was conducted at 2:15 pm. Discard these foods immediately. Proper cooling must be done. Inform/remind employees of proper procedures. Cooling handout given at this time. Fly strip observed hanging in storage shed over paper goods. This was removed on-site.

Lower Oxford Township

Walmart, 800 Commons Dr, Sept. 13, Fail. The front men’s & women’s restrooms are closed due to a potential drain line clog. It was reported that a service technician is scheduled to arrive today to jet clean out the sanitary drain lines. Pending Violation: Hot water <100F was provided at the front men's & women's restroom. Service technicians were onsite troubleshooting the lack of hot water in these restrooms. Both restrooms are closed at this time. Public restrooms are available in the rear of the store.

Subway/Auntie Anne’s at Wal-Mart, Sept. 13, Follow Up, Pass. No violations.

Starbucks Coffee, 503 Commons Dr, Sept. 15, Pass. No violations.

New Garden Township

Presto Pizza, 739 W Cypress St, Sept. 13, Pass. No violations.

North Coventry Township

Boscov’s Department Store Inc, 355 Coventry Mall Blvd, Sept. 12, Fail. The three-compartment sink has a persistent leak and is not being used for warewashing. This sink must be repaired and used for the “wash, rinse, sanitize, and air dry” warewashing process. Until this sink is repaired, all warewashing must be done in three tubs, or in two tubs and one sink, with the sink being fully cleaned and sanitized prior to use every time before being used for warewashing. Food facility has chlorine sanitizer test strips, but they are not in the warewashing area and are not used regularly. Move the test strips to be within easy access of the warewashing area, and use daily to ensure chlorine sanitizing solutions are between 50-100 ppm. This facility is not taking adequate measures to control rodents. Mouse droppings were found along the floor/wall junctures and on nearly all shelving in the candy stock room. The food facility does not employ a certified employee as required. An employee has attended an approved training class, but has not applied for Chester County Health Department Certification.

Pottstown Premium Cinemas, 650 W Schuylkill Rd, Sept. 13, Fail. Sanitizer dispenser was not working. Staff was advised on how to manually mix a sanitizing solution using the sanitizer concentrate and the test strips on location. Floors throughout the facility have a buildup of food crumbs and debris and need to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, especially in the following areas: – Under shelving in the storage area off the kitchen – In the kitchen at the floor/wall junction and under equipment – In the concession desk at the floor/wall junction and under equipment – Around and behind the soda machines – Around and inside the bottom section of the popcorn machine. In the men’s restroom, there are two water damaged ceiling tiles that need to be replaced. This facility is not taking adequate measures to control rodents. Mouse droppings were found along the floor/wall junctions and under equipment in multiple areas. Equipment and floor surfaces were found in an unclean condition. In order to comply: a. Tightly cover all containers of food throughout the facility, b. Thoroughly clean all equipment surfaces and maintain in clean condition, c. Eliminate any leaks and/or standing water, d. Thoroughly clean the entire floor and maintain it in clean condition, e. Clean up all new mouse droppings as soon as found, and f. Contact the pest control company to service the area, paying special attention to any areas where new droppings were found. The food facility does not employ a certified employee as required.

Oxford Borough

Penns Grove Middle School, 301 S Fifth St, Sept. 12, Pass. No violations.

parkesburg borough

Poured Out Cafe, 428 W First Ave, Sept. 15, Pass. Jared Stoltzfus is ServSafe certified but must register with Chester County Health Department. Correct within 30 days.

Penn Township

Chester County Technical College/High School, 280 Pennock’s Bridge Rd, Sept. 14, Pass. No violations.

Pocopson Township

Aramark at Pocopson Home, 1695 Lenape Rd, Follow Up, Sept. 13, Pass. The floor in the dishmachine area is in disrepair. Attempts have been made to regout between the quarry tiles, however, the grout is no longer adhering in many areas. Water and food are accumulating between the tiles and small flies observed on the walls and surfaces in the room. • Repair/replace the floor to provide a smooth, easily cleanable surface within six months. If replacing, submit flooring specifications to this Department prior to approval. • Thoroughly clean this area within three days and maintain it in clean condition.

Tredyffrin Township

Acme Markets, 39 Leopard Rd, Sept. 12, Pass. Provide literature on bakery display case, cabinet plastic doors, to use wax paper or tongs to retrieve bakery items.

Starbucks Coffee Shop, 851 W Lancaster Ave, Sept. 12, Pass. No violations.

Church of the Savior-Building F, 651 N. Wayne Ave, Sept. 13, Pass. Non-food contact surfaces not cleaned at a frequency to preclude accumulation of dust, debris, crumb, or splash; 1-Complete the thorough cleaning of the entire kitchen floor under all equipment, refrigeration, freezers, and under the three bay sink and mechanical dishwasher. 2-Wall behind the ice machine. Submit corrective action photos to the Department via email within 7 days or the facility will be charged $250 for a 2nd follow up inspection. Observed consumer self-service display of chips, salads, and other side dishes without sneeze guards or other effective protection. Fan guard missing in Far left 1L freezer. Provide a photo to the Department within 7 days of the new fan guard installed. A food employee was observed assembling hamburgers off the grill – a ready to eat food – with bare hands. Staff / volunteers were instructed to wash hands and use gloves when handling ready to eat foods. Cherie Clader was the Person in charge and informed staff during inspection.

Sassano’s Inc, 21 Plank Ave, Sept. 13, Pass. No violations.

Uwchlan Township

Maxx Fitness Clubs, 260 Eagleview Blvd, Sept. 15, Pass. Supply the QAC test kit. Correct within 7 days.

Valley Township

Harrison Senior Living of Coatesville, 300 Strode Ave, Sept. 13, Pass. Thoroughly clean floor under three compartment sinks around grease trap. Correct within 3 days.

West Chester Borough

Liberty Lodge at Philadelphia, 1659 Embreeville Rd, Sept. 13, Pass. Defrost the ice cream dipping freezer. Provide thermometers to refrigerators in the Main Store. Liberty Lodge: Provide test strips at the three compartment sink prior to operating this kitchen. The sink in the storage room is for mopping/cleaning up only. Remove the soap dispenser as it is not permitted to be used for handwashing.

Morelos Restaurant, 611 W Strasburg Rd, Sept. 14, Pass. No violations.

Square Bar, 250 E Chestnut St, Sept. 14, Follow Up, Pass. No violations.

West Goshen Township

Aramark at East Senior High School, 450 Ellis Ln, Sept. 13, Pass. No violations.

Aramark at Greystone Elementary School, 1195 Aram Ave, Sept. 12, Pass. No violations.

Ice Line, 700 Lawrence Dr, Sept. 14, Fail.

Levante Brewing Company, 208 Carter Dr, Sept. 14, Fail. Remove and discard braided ottomans from the restrooms. A few house flies were observed inside the facility. Several bottles of cleaners and sanitizers were found on a rack stored above food and food-contact equipment, risking contamination. Store all chemicals below food and food contact equipment. The automatic sanitizer dispenser at the 3-bay sink is not operational and there is no sanitizer. Staff reports they started using another chemical for manual sanitizing, but insufficient information on the product was available, thus the product is not approved for use at this time. Have the dispenser service and restock approved sanitizer. Unscented chlorine bleach may also be used temporarily. All equipment must be properly warewashed in the dishwasher until Department-approved sanitizer is provided.

Wawa, 1010 West Chester Pike, Sept. 14, Fail. he ceiling tiles above the Lang double oven are soiled and yellow, indicating there could be a ventilation issue with the heat and oil from the oven’s use (ie sizzli heating). Clean the soiled surfaces around the oven and replace the ceiling tiles. Have the oven/cooking operation re-evaluated with the Township to determine if additional ventilation is required. CCHD could also require installation of hood in the future upon further observations and discretion. Clean the following: * Soiled ceiling light shields, ceiling vents, ceiling tiles in food service areas * Soiled suspended faux wood menu board above sandwich prep area. There is no Chester County CFM enlisted at this facility. Using a Department-approved food safety certificate, complete county CFM application process and post county CFM certificate in public view. Note: Adam reports he has started the county CFM application process.

West Vincent Township

Ludwig’s Village Market, 2918 Conestoga Rd, Sept. 14, Pass. At the island merchandiser, the bottom shelf holding the meat was initially at around 44°F. Several food items were found to be blocking the fan vents at the back of the upper shelves. After these items were moved, the ambient temperature of the bottom shelf dropped to 41°F. Keep the fan vents clear in all merchandisers to allow good airflow.

West Whiteland Township

Stolen Sun Brewing Company, 342 N. Pottstown Pike, Sept. 15, Fail. Clean the following areas: 1. Kitchen ceiling 2. Underside of shelving at plating area. Spongebob wall in kitchen – paint is peeling. Resurface wall to be non-porous and cleanable. Paint is peeling on the wall to the right of the hand sink. Resurface wall to be non-porous and cleanable. Argus refrigerator at server station – air temp 50F. Foods in the unit were 45-52F. All foods over 45F were discarded. Do not store foods in this unit until it maintains foods at 41F or less. Men’s Room (across from kitchen) – on demand heater does not appear to be working. No hot water at the sink. Repair/replace heater in order to supply hot water (min 100F)


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