MBTA woes continue with train derailment, construction damage

Another train derailment and construction damage are the latest safety incidents to plague a beleaguered MBTA already tasked with complying with a series of federal directives.

A Green Line train derailed shortly before midnight last Monday outside Park Street with two passengers on board, forcing crews to scramble to make repairs so service could resume scheduled on Tuesday morning, MBTA spokesperson Joe Pesaturo said.

“One car of a slow-moving, two-car Green Line train with two passengers on board derailed at a track switch just outside of Park station,” Pesaturo said. “No one was injured.”

The train was re-railed overnight and cleared from the mainline. Repairs were made before the start of service on Tuesday morning, Pesaturo said.

“The cause of the derailment is under investigation,” he said. “The Federal Transit Administration, National Transportation Safety Board and Department of Public Utilities were notified of the incident.”

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