DoorDasher Stirs Debate Over Allegedly Leaving Order in Tree Because of Tip

A man said in a now-viral video that the food he ordered through DoorDash was left in a tree outside his apartment building because of the tip he left.

Posted by TikTok user @i.aaron, the video was viewed nearly 600,000 times at the time of publication as it showed the string of messages it said were from the delivery employee.

One of these messages was critical of the $1.50 tip @i.aaron added to the order.

Here, a stock image of a delivery employee receiving a tip. A man’s viral video talking about where his food order ended up after leaving a $1.50 tip sparked a debate among viewers.
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The Emily Post Etiquette Institute discussed the different expectations for tips when it comes to services in food service, travel and salons.

When it comes to food service specifically, the customer is advised to leave a tip that is 10 to 15 percent of the bill for delivery.

The organization said, “$2-5 for pizza delivery depending on the size of the order and the difficulty of delivery.”

TikTok user @i.aaron said he received a notification that his order was dropped off, but when he asked the Dasher where he left the order, the delivery employee said it was in a tree.

“Put it in the tree on the other side of my apartment complex,” @i.aaron said, showing a screenshot of the message exchange. A photo of the food in the tree was included in the screenshot.

After @i.aaron clarified what tree the order was left in, the Dasher sent several expletive-ridden messages in return.

He replied and said he was simply trying to get his breakfast, to which the Dasher responded in several separate messages.

Among some of the responses, the delivery employee said “$1.50 tip dumba**. F**k you [seriously]. I’m bout ready to quit this s**t job, [you’re] lucky you even got your food.”

The Dasher continued and insulted @i.aaron’s order.

Although @i.aaron said he retrieved his order from the tree, he said he also got a refund.

Viewers’ opinions of the matter were split, and some felt the Dasher was justified in his frustration.

“For $1.50 tip you deserve this and more,” the viewer wrote.

“I always tip at least $5 even if it’s a cheap order,” another viewer commented. “Gas is too dang much and the $1.50 tip isn’t even worth getting out of the car.”

“Idk where you’re at, but the lowest I tip is $6 since that’s what gas is in my area,” one TikTok user commented. “Even if they’re literally picking it up barely a mile away.”

Others, however, criticized the Dasher.

“People who say to tip $5 MINIMUM are out of touch with reality,” a viewer commented.

“As someone without a car I always feel awful only tipping 15% but like, I’m poor but I’ve gotta eat,” another viewer wrote. “S**t’s gotten out of my tip shouldn’t be wages.”

“With the service fee and delivery fee, it makes it so expensive to tip very much,” a comment read.

In a follow-up video, @i.aaron said that the Dasher could view the order and the tip offered before accepting it.

He explained that the tip he left was what DoorDash recommended on his screen, and his tips range between $1.50 to $4 at the most.

“Tipping $5 for everything? That’s insane no matter what,” he said. “If it’s a huge order, tip more, if it’s a small order you tip less. If it’s a far distance, tip more, if it’s a really close distance, you tip less.”

newsweek reached out to @i.aaron and DoorDash for comment.

Another DoorDash customer said in a viral video she faced issues receiving her order after leaving $1.50 as a tip.

A restaurant faced criticism over a policy that reportedly did not allow new employees to receive tips until after two months of employment.

One customer said in a viral video that tipping culture had gotten “out of control” after she was asked to tip at the payment window in a drive-thru.

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