Etna Truste disagrees over email access, township decor

The dysfunction between the Etna Township Trustees struck another low note on Aug. 2 as the three sparred over access to staff emails and even what decorations could be hung in the township office.

In a split vote, Trustees Rozland McKee and Jeff Johnson codified that email access and passwords are limited to the account holder and the township’s contracted information technology consultant. The pair also approved that none of the decor in the township hall can be removed without board approval. Trustee Mark Evans voted against both motions.

It was the latest in a series of disagreements among the three trustees since McKee and Evans took office in January.

McKee made the motion, and said the action was needed so the trustees could not have access to the emails of township staff members.

“We will not be going into other people’s email,” she said.

McKee asked Johnson, who has been a trustee for more than a decade, if he has ever had access to the email accounts of the township secretary or zoning officer, and if not having that information has ever prevented him from doing his job. Johnson said no to both questions.

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