VERICUT’s Version 9.3 software for smarter machining

CGTech released VERICUT Version 9.3. VERICUT is the industry leader in machine simulation, verification, and optimization for CNC machining, additive, and hybrid manufacturing processes. The software operates independently, but also integrates with all leading CAM systems.

VERICUT 9.3 focuses on creating “smarter,” more efficient manufacturing processes with features that bring in data around the machine, the tools, and the stock to improve simulation and the overall manufacturing workflow. Improvements have been made to strengthen VERICUT‘s core, including improved collision checking, increasing the limit on axes per subsystem, and more. Cutting tool data in the Tool Performance Database and machine monitoring are only a few of the notable changes in this version. Hundreds of customer-driven changes and improvements have also been addressed in this latest release.

“VERICUT 9.3 provides smarter data for smarter manufacturing, giving our customers a ‘cutting edge,’” says Gene Granata, Director of Product Management. “With enriched machining metrics, Force feedrate and tool deflection optimization, this latest VERICUT release creates the most highly optimized, yet safe to run NC programs for any CNC machine.”

“In 9.3, Tool Manager connects users with online tooling sources and tool databases to import ‘smart’ cutting tools with corresponding data for proper use. A new Tool Performance Database enables even non-machinists to choose appropriate feeds and speeds for cutting a variety of common stock materials,” continues Mr. Granata. “All this intelligence helps programmers use and optimize cutting tools as they were intended, avoiding broken cutters and potential damage to parts or CNC machines.”

VERICUT‘s integrated optimization module, VERICUT Force, has also received additional features and enhancements in 9.3. Alongside improvements to core features and functionality, deflection calculations have changed to account for the entire rotating tool assembly, where previous versions only accounted for solid round tools with holders. This change in deflection along with cutting tool data and information about stock material, improves part surface finish, ensures the part meets the appropriate dimensions, and extends cutter life.

“We’ve seen up to 40% more tool life and 30-40% savings in machining cycle time when using VERICUT Force,” says Jason Mills, Engineering Manager at Advanced Manufacturing, Ltd. (AML). “The module is invaluable for our production work as it provides us with a competitive edge. It’s quite easy to understand. We simply pick the material from the database and input the cutter geometry, which we get from the tooling manufacturer. Force then does its calculations in the background.”

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