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Hexagon Mining’s Power of One platform from division operations connects their processes from the field to the office while reducing costs and increasing productivity.

It’s no secret that mines have a lot of moving parts, and it can seem almost impossible to get a handle on all of them at the same time. That’s where Hexagon’s innovative Power of One platform can help.

A set of holistic solutions connecting all of mine’s processes from pit to plant, the Power of One platform connects all sensors and software with a system that can be accessed from anywhere, whether from the field or the office.

“The platform enables mines to implement and integrate applications better than current solutions,” Hexagon’s senior director, product and innovation Marcos Bayuelo said.

The platform autonomously connects key ecosystems across all aspects of mine, including exploration, planning, drill and blast, material movement and mine monitoring. This means it can address critical challenges that many mines face, like cutting costs and improving safety and productivity.

Safety is always front of mind for Hexagon. Its award-winning safety solutions, such as the Operator Alertness System, Collision Avoidance System and Vehicle Intervention Systems, have all been included in the Power of One platform to ensure operational safety.

“We believe that people are mine’s greatest asset,” Bayuelo said.

“By integrating our safety solutions with the platform, we ensure that operators are protected daily and that mine managers and executives have the data to take preventive measures and find the root causes of safety incidents.”

The Power of One platform simplifies the safety workflow of a site by integrating all applications, meaning mining operations can focus on the crux of any safety issue. By attaching preventive data to the implemented administrative controls, safety processes can be dramatically improved.

The ever-present drive to cut costs and increase productivity makes adopting new technologies like the Power of One more important than ever.

These technologies should be easy to understand so they don’t cause more problems for those working with them.

The Power of One platform has this down to a fine art.

“The platform has already resonated with our customers, not only for the tangible benefits but also for simplifying the digital transformation of a mine site,” Bayuelo said.

By seamlessly connecting the mine to the boardroom, users of the Power of One platform can expect an effortless experience, increased operator adoption and reduced training time. These aspects combined mean the platform can be set up and ready to run in on the team.

Another of the benefits of the Power of One platform is enabling mines to become situationally aware and self-learning operations. Situationally aware mines that are able to make more sense of their data and, in turn, make faster and more informed decisions.

“The Power of One platform gives customers a unified view of all their data to enable them to improve efficiency, cut costs and drive value across multiple mining processes,” Bayuelo said.

In an effort to help more sites become self-learning operations, the platform is able to give users a real-time view of key operations, including vehicle interactions and fatigue management. This data can be used to optimize productivity on the site.

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the rate of technology adoption across the resources sector. For Hexagon, it’s important to ensure mining operations continue to see the value of automating and streaming day-to-day processes.

With the Power of One platform, sites no longer need to adopt different solutions for planning, management, and safety. And, in the future, Hexagon hopes the technology will allow mines to create a Smart Digital Reality of their site that leverages simulation and autonomous technology to further improve decision making.

While that technology may still be a while off implementation, mining operations can rest assured that Hexagon will continue to provide them with technological solutions to make their sites safer and more efficient than ever.

“At the end of the day, it’s all about delivering to our customers the best-in-class capabilities through our industry-leading solutions,” Bayuelo said.

This feature appeared in the August edition of Australian Mining.

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