Palm Beach winter resident Julia Koch invests New York real estate

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, mostly.

unless that girl is Julia Koch, who seems to have a thing for real estate.

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Reports are that the Palm Beach winter resident is the much-speculated-about buyer in two giant real estate deals last month.

The first was an historic (real estate code for “old”) properneighboring her current Southampton digs.

She reportedly paid a little below the $75 million asking price for the 15-bedroom home on 8 acres of land with 500 feet of beachfront, a guest cottage, tennis courts, a gym and staff quarters.

When the century-old pile first went on the market a year ago, it was described as a “22,000-square-foot Tudor-style fixer-upper.”

Julia Koch and her late husband, David Koch, were photographed in 2013. Julia Koch and her family are ranked No.  1 on the list of Palm Beachers whose wealth is detailed in the new Forbes list of the world's billionaires.

Sounds like just the thing for Julia, who loves historic renovations. Longtime Palm Beachers will remember that her renovation of El Sarmiento, the Palm Beach home she shared with her late husband David, won the Ballinger Award.

The second deal was a pair of co-ops on Manhattan’s East Side, bought in June from the estate of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.

The apartments at 4 E. 66th St. include a penthouse and a full-floor unit beneath it.

The price tag was $101 million. A of money, but barely a nick in her multibillion fortune.

If she keeps on this track there will be a few New York real estate agents joining her on Forbes’ rich list.

feeling the love

Willie Geist (Photo by: Art Streiber/MSNBC)

Lots of celebrities come to Palm Beach during the season, and the Civic Association always seems to get good ones.

Take this year’s guy, NBC co-anchor Willie Geistwho was the guest speaker at the annual awards breakfast.

We’ve loved Willie since we first met him in 2003, when he was a young, nervous bridegroom and we were covering his wedding for the New York Times’ ‘Vows’ column.

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