Odisha transport department and DMET launch gap analysis in trauma centers- The New Indian Express

by Express News Service

BHUBANESWAR: With Odisha’s average death per 100 road accidents continuing to be higher than the nation, the Transport department and Directorate of Medical Education and Training (DMET) have launched a gap analysis program in the trauma centers of the State.

While there were 33 deaths per 100 accidents at the national level during 2021-2022, the number was 48 deaths per 100 accidents in Odisha. The Transport Department officers said the number of accident-related deaths was higher in the State primarily because of three reasons.

The reasons are lack of knowledge among the first responders on how to provide first-aid to the accident victims, passers-by are hesitant to help, and lack of adequate facilities in the trauma care centers of the State. The Transport department has engaged Palladium Consulting India private limited to conduct a survey of the existing trauma care centers in the State. The experts, regional transport officers (RTOs) and DMET officials are jointly examining the facilities at the trauma care centers.

Transport officials said that 60 per cent to 70 per cent of lives of persons injured in road accidents can be saved if neurological treatment is provided to them on time at the trauma care centres. There are 33 trauma care centers in the State and most of them are integrated with district headquarters hospitals. Sources said the infrastructure of some of the existing trauma care centers is being strengthened to handle accident cases more effectively.

“As part of the gap analysis, it is also being examined whether there is a need to set up additional trauma care centers in the State. The report will be submitted to the State government after the analysis is complete,” said a DMET official. A senior official of the State Transport Authority (STA) said that the gap analysis commenced in July and its report is expected to be submitted to the State government by August-end.


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