Gaby Hoffman Joins New Altadena Music Theatre’s Production Of HAIR

It is the dawning of The Age of Aquarius once again! The summer of love springs forth amongst the backdrop of war, political tyranny and cultural strife. A group of freedom fighters bound together by love, independent spirit and critical thought share the message that can heal the world. Hair, the legendary rock musical, bursts onto the stage with its Grammy Award-winning score. Exploring ideas of mind expansion, personal and collective rights, sexual and political revolution and peace, Hair remains relevant and as important to share with audiences as ever. The show is the ultimate call for the hopes of bringing the nation together. Unifying each other with the message of love, peace, and understanding.

Altadena Music Theater kicks off its first ever musical production labor day weekend 2022. Altadena Music Theater is a 501(c)(3) non-profit with a mission to enrich the Los Angeles community with the excitement of live musical theatre, arts advocacy and developmental youth programs. It is female owned and operated and encourages more women, people of color, and all community members to organize both in front, and behind the stage.

“Hair” will be playing at the Charles Farnsworth Amphitheater in Altadena, CA Sept 1-4 at 8pm. A pre-show starting at 7:30pm will include special live music performed to familiar 60s tunes, beer and wine for sale, along with it’s own mini ‘freedom festival’ of merchandise. Tickets go on sale August 2nd. For $20 tickets, this will be the most affordable yet hottest ticket in town. For one week only you can get an early bird ticket special of $15, or wait to buy tickets at the door for $25. Visit for tickets and information.

The show is produced by Sarah Azcarate, directed by Oliver Azcarate, choreographed by Melissa Schade, with music direction by Chris Wade. The cast has tremendous talent with Daniel Hartman and Steve Mazurek leading the Tribe as Claude and Berger, Brandon Dubuisson as Hud, Cruz St James as Woof, Cassidy Von Kronemann as Jeanie, Karlina Covington as Dionne, Scarlet Sheppard as Crissy and Sarah Azcarate taking the stage herself as Sheila. But that just touches the surface as the rest of the tribe is full of fun surprises by more local artists and performers like TV actress Sarah Habel. Also jumping on stage for Friday and Saturday evening’s performance will be Altadena’s venue Gaby Hoffmann of ‘Transparent’ and HBO’s latest series hit ‘Winning Time’.

Joining them are Michael Mullen, Jalen Friday, Kate Ly Johnston, Sean York, Sarah Lopez, Chelsea Maker, Ryan Maker, Lindy Jones, Molly Fowler, Jaya Mapleton, Ursula Knudson, Darcy French – Myerson, Kate Mallor, Athena Renee and Anne Bosi .

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