Apple Delays iPadOS 16 Software Update To Focus on iPhone 14

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Apple has decided to officially push back the iPadOS 16 release to prepare for the highly anticipated iPhone 14. But this move may cause additional problems for consumers and developers.

Apple Pushes Back iPadOS 15

Apple Inc. is moving the launch of the next major update of iPadOS, the operating system that operates on the iPad, now from September to October.

That implies the software will not be released at the same time as the latest iOS, a departure from Apple’s typical practice. Apple has released major iPad and iPhone software upgrades around September since altering its iPhone hardware release calendar from summer to autumn in 2011.

Apple intends to change its strategy this year and maybe in the future. In September, the iPhone upgrade, iOS 16, and the new Apple Watch software, watchOS 9, will be released concurrently. Then, around a month later, iPadOS 16 will be released alongside macOS Ventura.

Many speculate that something may have come up for Apple to change their launch release drastically. But like other tech giants, Bloomberg affirms that Apple still has an internal calendar and deadlines and plans everything months and years. Ergo, making iPadOS 16 release as a total postponement.

Plus, before engineers were alerted of the change late last month, the intention had been to release it in September for at least a year.

Now, because both the iPad and the Mac are gaining Stage Manager, per Tech Times, it makes sense to debut their operating systems at the same time. If recalled, Apple would also release new iPads around October, making it easier to integrate the hardware and software all together.

Also, the technique would be comparable to Apple’s existing policy of releasing significant iOS and watchOS upgrades at the same time. Both of these operating systems are inextricably linked: many new watchOS 9 capabilities need iOS 16, and vice versa.

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What Are Some Setbacks?

However, there are some major setbacks to this somewhat calculated move. The simultaneous release of iPadOS 16 and iOS 16 might cause confusion for customers who own both an iPhone and an iPad. New iMessage functionality such as message retraction and editing, for example, will not operate properly across iOS 16 and iPadOS 15 devices.

Other new capabilities, such as the iCloud Shared Photo Library, more complex collaboration features, and syncing FaceTime conversations between devices, are also unlikely to be available to those customers.

It will also cause issues for some developers. If they’re developing universal applications for both platforms, “it’ll be a question of not publishing anything until iPadOS launches, or shipping something early that’s likely broken on iPadOS,” as tweeted by developer James Thompson.

Nevertheless, some believe the wait was probably worthwhile. Who knows, maybe Apple has something special planned for October, besides releasing iPadOS 16.

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