Production of “Porterville” finishes up here; movie set to premiere in June, 2023 | photos

(Editor’s note: The impressions of Porterville of those involved in the production will be featured in Tuesday’s edition of The Recorder. Spoiler Alert: They love Porterville).

Coming to a streaming service for subscribers in June, 2023 is “Porterville.”

Those involved in making the movie finished their production phase of the film in Porterville on Friday night at Deamons’ Diesel. Those making the film have been in Porterville for the last week finishing the production of the film that will be done in the community. The filmmakers were also in Porterville last December filming the project.

At that time “Porterville” was potentially going to be made into a TV pilot. But executive producer/writer Chris Young who is the project’s executive producer went to Universal Studios and the studio told him the project needed to be turned into a movie.

“It got bigger,” said Young, who chose Porterville as the location for his project, about the plot for his production.

Young is also the main star in the production as he plays a New York City cop who moves to the small town of Porterville to become the town’s sheriff and ends up investigating a murder in the town.

While the genre of the production is officially being called an action movie, it really also fits in the new genre that’s used to describe many productions today and that’s a “Modern Western.” And the movie has romance as well. “It’s an action-romance basically,” said the film’s director Mitch Parks.

The movie also has a local flavor as Porterville’s own Homer Aguilar portrays a young priest in the production. It was Aguilar who introduced Young to Porterville.

And the film also landed an A-list star in Taryn Manning from “Orange Is The New Black.” Among the movies Manning has been in includes “8-Mile” with Eminem and the Academy Award nominated Hustle & Flow. Manning finished her portion of the production of “Porterville” on Thursday night.

Production of the film is set to be completed by August 16 as the film’s production will head back to Lux Angeles Studios in Southern California. Lux Angeles Studios is a full-service production company that provides cinematography, lighting, grip, postproduction and production services to a number of clients, including Lions Gate, Netflix, DreamWorks, Sony Pictures, Apple TV, Roku, Grindstone, Glam Hive and Urban Outfitters.

Parks is a documentarian, writer, director, editor and producer who was instrumental in the formation

Any number of distributors, including Universal or Paramount, could pick up the film. The film will be 90 minutes long and will be rated R.

After production is completed on August 16, the film will go into postproduction with the scheduled premiere date set for June, 2023.

Two other production companies have partnered with Lux Angeles Studios on the project, PhilaDreams Films and Safier Entertainment.

It will be up Safier Entertainment’s CEO Jared Safier, a 4-time Emmy Award winning producer, to find a distributor or distributors for the film.

“I had a deal with Universal,” Young said. But Young said Universal wanted to delay production until January and he couldn’t wait that long. “I had to pull it,” he said

So while the film now doesn’t have a distributor, Young and Safier are confident they will be able to find distributors for the movie. “Our goal is to get it down well and find the best distribution we can,” Safier said.

“We will, we will, that’s not a problem,” Safier told Young about finding a distributor. “I’m not worried about it,” Young said.

Young said the film will be distributed worldwide to Asia and Europe as well as North America. And there’s already talk of a sequel as pointed out by one of the film’s other stars, Shane Woodson, who plays one of the main antagonists in the movie.

“There’s a strong possibility of a sequel to Porterville,” Woodson said. “That would be great.”


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