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Air Force Academy cadets will be diving into their studies two days late due to a software problem.

The Air Force Academy will start the 2022 fall term two days late due to a foul-up in installing software that controls schedules, according to an email sent to staff by Dean of Faculty Brig. January Linell A. Letendre obtained by the Indy.

It is not known when, if ever, the Academy has delayed the start of a term, and the Academy did not address that question when asked.

“After reviewing the status of where we stand with building executable cadet schedules, we’re simply not there yet,” Letendre wrote in the Aug. 3 email messages. “Recognizing how much work we still have to do, I’ve recommended to the Superintendent — and he has concurred — to delay the start of the Fall semester by two class days.”

Instead of starting Monday, Aug. 8, classes will begin on Wednesday, Aug. 10.

“I recognize that this decision creates additional work because faculty will need to adjust their syllabi and graded events. I’m sorry that we have to make this ask, but after weighing the pros and cons of whether to shift the semester start date, I “I’m convinced it’s the right call in order to ensure that we have cadets in the right seats in the right classes on lesson one,” her email said. “This additional time also recognizes the lift that our faculty and academic staff have dedicated over the last two weeks, which has come at the expense of class prep time. To regain the two lost class days at the beginning of the semester, we have canceled Superintendent’s Day (4 Nov) and Dean’s Study Day (9 Dec) and reassigned those as class days. All breaks and holidays remain untouched.”

She also wrote:

“Here is my ask of Advisors & AAOCAs: Please notify your advisees of any issues you identify with their schedules, and let them know that the issues are being worked. I will ask cadets to wait until Thursday (4 Aug) to scrub their schedules and notify advisors of any issues not already identified. We have identified a large number of cadets with hard schedule conflicts. For those cases, the Registrar’s Office will work with AICs/Academic Advisors to resolve the issues.

“On the plus side: our amazing DFR team has completed 80% of the requests made by departments in their review from last week, and we expect these request changes to be completed and entered into COMPASS by the end of today. Their next heavy lift will be processing all course add/drops and resolving hard breaks in cadet schedules. Based on advisors’ reviews of schedules today, this is approximately 10 to 20% of the cadet wing…and it is this scope that drove the two day delay.

“Finally, we will carve out time next Monday and Tuesday for advisors to meet with their cadets and confirm that the schedules are where they need to be.”

Asked who’s responsible and whether there will be action taken for what one official called “mission failure,” the Academy demurred.

Dean Miller, chief of media operations, says in an email that cadets will focus on military, athletic and airmanship training during the two days before classes begin.

He also downplayed the delay, saying, “The outdated system had been in use at the Academy for decades and no longer met mission or cyber security requirements. Following graduation of the Class of 2022, the Academy replaced this legacy system with COMPASS. Roll- out of this very complex system is currently being implemented jointly by Air Force Academy personnel and the system contractor. The two day delay allows the Academy to finalize COMPASS implementation and not disrupt cadet schedules…. The delay in classes will not impact cadet learning as the academic calendar has been adjusted to provide the same number of instruction days.”


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