Heineken Promotes Energy Efficiency With The Use Of Technology

Guadalajara, Jalisco. Reducing energy consumption in any type of productive activity and thereby reducing environmental impact is a challenge to be solved through the use of technology and innovation through the Heineken Green Challenge 2022.

Through this fifth edition of the challenge launched by the brewing company and the entrepreneurship platform of Tecnológico de Monterrey INCmty, the aim is to call talent from all regions of the country and promote their projects through “financing, access to capital and markets”,” INCmty general director Josue Delgado told El Economista.

He explained that through the Heineken Green Challenge, it is planned to “democratize access to the opportunity, no matter where they come from” because the tech projects of entrepreneurs from any state in the country can be seen and own. Can be inserted into the value chain of wine making. Company or provide its services to any other company.

He highlighted that 75% of the total number of applicants to the 2021 edition of the challenge are still alive and developing, a figure that represents a significant achievement, given that the majority of projects are within reach of completion. die within the first two years.

In this regard, Gerardo Soria, Manager of Institutional Relations for the Heineken Mexico Western Region, commented that the companies participating in previous editions “have managed to capitalize on their projects in private companies.”

In this edition, the Heineken Green Challenge is looking for entrepreneurs who have innovative ideas, prototypes, business models or startups related to energy efficiency and have an impact on one of the seven axes of the challenge: mobility, transportation and logistics, construction, agricultural work, sustainable energy management in industry, urban efficiency or smart cities, energy efficiency in daily life and information processing.

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According to Gerardo Soria, even considering previous editions, the institutions with the most participants are the State of Mexico, Mexico City, Nuevo León, Puebla and Jalisco.

In the 2022 edition, the technical challenge will award 500,000 pesos to first place and, in total, the first 10 places will award 1.1 million pesos. In addition, it will reward the 21 best projects with an acceleration and support program valued at over 3 million pesos.

Anyone over the age of 18 can participate in the Challenge in teams of at least two and up to five people. In case of pre-formed technology-based companies (startups), they should not have a turnover of more than five million pesos per year.


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