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Photographer Brad Romano took more than 150 photos to help tell the story of the 2.8 million men and women of the equipment manufacturing industry in America. (Brad Romano/ Association of Equipment Manufacturers photo)

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM)the North American based trade group representing off-road equipment manufacturers and suppliers, unveiled its Through the Lens: Equipment Manufacturers Make America photo series by documentary photographer Brad Romano.

Romano took more than 150 photos to help tell the story of the 2.8 million men and women of the equipment manufacturing industry in America. The photos were taken in April and May of this year on location at Bomag (Ridgeway, SC), Calder Brothers (Taylors, SC), JCB (Pooler, Ga.), Kubota Tractor Corporation (Jefferson, Ga.), LeeBoy (Lincolnton, NC), and Power Curbers (Salisbury, NC).

The series will be highlighted through AEM’s national grassroots advocacy campaign, I Make America, as well as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, throughout the rest of the year.

I Make America is made up of more than 40,000 supporters throughout the United States who are committed to advancing pro-manufacturing policies that help the $288 billion equipment manufacturing globally compete.

“Equipment manufacturers have a powerful story to tell and AEM’s Through the Lens: Equipment Manufacturers Make America photo series spotlights the critical work of the 2.8 million men and women of our industry do every single day,” said Kip Eideberg, AEM’s vice president of government and industry relations.

“Lawmakers in Washington and in state capitals across the country made decisions that impacted our jobs and our communities, and these photos will hopefully help them recognize that their decisions have real-life consequences for hardworking Americans.


“The women and men at Bomag’s manufacturing facility in Ridgeway, SC, designs, builds and supports roadbuilding equipment that is vital to our nation’s infrastructure,” said Rob Mueckler, president of Bomag Americas.

“The hard work of our team here helps the US economy maintain its competitive advantage by connecting our citizens, communities and companies to the necessities required for long term, sustainable growth.

“Bomag depends on skilled workers like the ones featured in these photos to produce the high-quality equipment necessary to support our customers throughout the 50 states and Canada in strengthening our infrastructure and driving American development. BOMAG is honored our dedicated team is highlighted in this I Make America photo series.”

Paver assembler Erika Alston installs sub components on a CR 1030W paver. (Brad Romano/ Association of Equipment Manufacturers photo)

Calder Brothers

“We are so grateful to have been chosen to participate in this project showcasing what it is like as an equipment manufacturer in America,” said Glen Calder, executive vice president of Calder Brothers Corporation.

“Our skilled laborers, workforce and the equipment they produce are used to help build the essential infrastructure we need in communities all over the country.

“These photographs truly illustrate how fundamental American manufacturing is to the overall success of our nation, both economically and structurally. We hope policy makers recognize the importance of the work we do and help protect the industry for generations to come.”

Julio Ventura carefully lines up the components to weld a screed bottom together to be used on a commercial asphalt paver at Calder Brothers Corp’s Taylors manufacturing facility. (Brad Romano/ Association of Equipment Manufacturers photo)


“JCB North America and our team members were honored to recently host the AEM team and support the important work they are doing with the Through the Lens: Equipment Manufacturers Make America photo series,” said Tonya Poole, vice president of human resources, JCB North America.

“Our team members are the backbone of our success in North America and serve to further demonstrate the impact manufacturing has on the American economy through their work. We are excited this project provided the opportunity to highlight, our hard-working team members that produce the equipment necessary to build, feed and defend America.”

Candace Hills installs wheel hubs on the skid steer mainline. (Brad Romano/ Association of Equipment Manufacturers photo)


“The team members representing Kubota equipment manufacturing businesses in North America were so excited to be a part of this project and to help tell the amazing story of how American ingenuity and manufacturing skills are alive and well today,” said Phil Sutton, vice president of Kubota Manufacturing of America Corporation and Kubota Industrial Equipment Corporation.

“The significant contributions of our team and our more than 400 supply base partners represent a huge economic impact all across this nation.

“With North America being Kubota’s most important market, our growth and strength in the manufacturing sector has made our philosophy ‘Local Production for Local Consumption’ into reality. Thank you AEM for featuring our dedicated team as part of the pictorial history of manufacturing in America.” !On Your Side!”

Griselda Alvarez performs a final inspection before shipping on an L-Series tractor at Kubota’s Jefferson, Ga., tractor manufacturing facility. (Brad Romano/ Association of Equipment Manufacturers photo)


“LeeBoy is a proud supporter of the Association of Equipment Manufacturers and its grassroots and advocacy efforts,” said Brian Bieller, LeeBoy president and CEO.

“This photo series gave us the opportunity to showcase the men and women responsible for building the world’s most dependable and productive commercial asphalt paving equipment.

“For nearly 60 years, our employees have been manufacturing equipment in the Lincolnton, NC, area for global distribution. LeeBoy and our employees make a significant impact on American infrastructure, so we will continue to tell our story and advocate for pro-manufacturing policies .”

LeeBoy Painters are spraying several racks of miscellaneous weldment parts. (Brad Romano/ Association of Equipment Manufacturers photo)

Power Curbers Inc.

“Power Curbers Companies is pleased to participate in AEM’s photo storytelling project,” said Stephen Bullock, CEO of Power Curbers Inc.

“As our equipment is used in road building projects from major US interstates to rural roads in developing countries, we are proud to have a role in connecting people across the globe.

“There’s no better way to show who we are as a manufacturer than through pictures of our hard-working associates at their craft.

“At a time where the entire country is in need of laborers, our dedicated team at Power Curbers in Salisbury, NC, and at Power Pavers in Cedar Falls, Iowa, work tirelessly to deliver for our customers.”

Perry Campbell, a Power Curbers plasma table operator, deburs a mold mounting component cut from 1.5-in. steel plate. (Brad Romano/ Association of Equipment Manufacturers photo)

To encourage investment, job growth and development and production of more equipment in the United States, AEM advocates on behalf of its more than 1,000 members to urge state and federal lawmakers to champion policies that create a globally competitive business environment, rebuild our nation’s infrastructure, open foreign markets for equipment manufactures in the United States and keep the US agricultural economy strong.

The association’s membership represents companies with more than 200 product lines in the agriculture, construction, mining, forestry and utility industries.

To continue following the Through the Lens: Equipment Manufacturers Make America photo series, follow I Make America’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

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