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Some people that go unnoticed behind the scenes of the Flyers organization are the PR Communication Staff. They work their tails off behind the scenes. Today their hard-work was noticed, as they won the Dillman Award in the Eastern Conference for 2022, which is awarded to the best PR Department in a Conference for excellence in media relations.

The Flyers PR Staff is lead by a bull dog in Zack Hill, who is just retired. Hill was the Senior Director of Communications. He quietly guided the Flyers PR Staff to now four Dillman Awards in the past ten years. The first was in 2012, as the PR Staff was given the Dillman Award for their excellence in media relations departments in both conferences, the second Dillman Award was awarded in the 2015 season from the Eastern Conference, the third Dillman Award was awarded in 2018 from the Eastern Conference, and now the 2022 Dillman Award in the Eastern Conference.

Zack Hill

One of the nicest guys I know in Hill graduated from West Virginia, where he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree of Science. He became an elementary school teacher, but left the career after pursuing his Master’s degree in journalism. He was fortunate to work for the Philadelphia 76ers as an intern, and they eventually promoted Hill to the Director of Public Relations position.

The guru in Hill left the 76ers organization to join the Flyers organization in 1993. Hill hasn’t looked back as he handles all media relations requests, attends practices, lines up press credentials, preps game notes, photographs at times, comforts players, and makes players available to media. Moreover, Hill is a busy bee that never stops working, as he does his job very well. He also goes through like four cell phones a season for his efforts.


Joe Siville

Siville is a business guru that knows how to relate with others. He holds a dual Bachelor’s in Journalism and History from Rutgers University. Moreover, his fortunes took him to the ECHL, where Siville became an assistant director of communications.

The good fortunes in Siville took him to the AHL where he became manager of communications. Siville joined the Flyers in 2006, and hasn’t looked back since. He is Hill’s right-hand man, as Siville takes part in the Coaches press conferences, Players locker room, handles media requests, and anything else that Hill needs him to fulfill. Siville is often over heard in the Vigneault’s, Yeo’s, and players press conferences to the media saying, “Last question.”

Brian Smith

Smith joined the Flyers organization in 2009, after successfully handling PR duties for the Philadelphia Phantoms. He came to the Phantoms with tons of experience, after handling PR duties for the Kalamzoo Wings.

Smith works side by side with Siville and Hill to make their jobs that much easier, and he is also a color analyst during special events with Bill Meltzer. In addition, Smith also does podcasts with the great Jason Myrtetus. Sometimes Smith can also be seen greeting those that enter the players locker room, and around the press area at games and practices.

Sean Coit

Coit has bursted onto the scene, and really keeps everyone in line. He is the Vice President of Communications. Coit never stops working, and is always present on game day making things go smoothly within the communications department.

If a problem arises, enter Coit. He also makes sure broadcasting rights are properly addressed with the Flyers.

These gentlemen have tough, busy jobs and their job at times is taken for granted. They never stop working to try and make everyone happy. Gentlemen, your job does not go unnoticed, keep up the good work.

Alexandra Samuelsson

Samuelsson is as strong as they come in communications, as she uses her IPC skills well. She has obtained a Bachelor’s Degree focused in Communication and Media Studies, Sociology from The College of New Jersey.

“Allie” is usually dealing with GameDay credentials, and credentials to special events, such as, the Flyers Alumni game. She is very busy as she handles about 100 emails daily (At least guaranteed) from various media outlets requesting some sore of information, and she does a great job with time management. Samuelsson may not answer your email right away, but she will get to it eventually.

Meghan Flanagan and Kate Kizitaff

Both of these ladies are busy bees. Kizitaff never stops working within the community at team events or with the Alumni. The same goes for Flanagan, who just happens to be the director of corporate sponsors.

These ladies go above and beyond to please the media and fans alike. Great job, keep up the good work.

Thanks for all you do. Your job does not go unnoticed, and trust me when I say this. Everyone appreciates all you do, and thank you.

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