Atmos Energy helpsP anhandle, South Plains customers combat high costs

Much like the rest of the nation, many Panhandle and South Plains residents are facing record-high energy costs.

Atmos Energy explains why some might have seen an increase in their bill and offers ways to help manage and lower that monthly cost.

“Atmos Energy is committed to delivering safe, reliable, and efficient natural gas to our valued customers, and we want to make you aware that the cost of all energy sources continues to rise,” states a news release from the utility company. “As a regulated utility, Atmos Energy does not earn a profit off the natural gas we deliver to customers, it is simply a pass-through cost on your monthly bill.”

According to the company, the cost of natural gas is a tradeable commodity that is driven by global supply and demand and can fluctuate in monthly cost based on current market conditions. These fluctuations then affect an individual’s monthly bill but do not include any added fees by the company and are not an addition made by the company but by the national supply cost.

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