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RON BAXLEY JR. T&D Correspondent

NORTH – Gerald Freeman of Dominion Energy gave a presentation on a Neighborhood Energy Efficiency Program and upcoming drive-by event during the North Town Council meeting Monday evening, July 11. Residents of North can stop by the drive-by event with a face covering for information on the program and a free gift Thursday, July 28 from 6-8 pm at the pavilion at the North Town Square. Information will be provided on how residents may, free of charge, have energy improvements in their home by Dominion Energy. OCAB will also be at the event to provide information about other types of assistance for bills, etc. The North Police Department will be assisting with traffic.

Freeman said energy improvements for selected North residents who are Dominion Energy customers may include as follows: pipe wrapping; electric water heater wrapping and temperature adjustment; low-flow shower head, faucet aerator, and shower timer; kitchen faucet aerator; LED bulbs; specialty ceiling fan LED bulbs; smart strip power strips; digital switch plate wall thermometer; HVAC air filters; weather stripping of doors and windows; and a front door sweep.

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Freeman, who said he is in a department at Dominion where they try to help customers conserve energy, said, “The improvements are going to be free of charge. 800 were eligible in the town, and we pre-qualified everybody. At least half had to be at the poverty level or below.”

Mayor Julius Jones thanked him for his presentation.

Mayor Jones next stated, “The cleaning of the water tower on Stafford Avenue has been completed. Everything is in order. All the inspections were good.”

“Fiber optic cable installation (for internet) will be completed by mid-August,” Jones also said.

He said someone has inspected the sagging ceiling issue at the North Town Hall and that there have been some detachment issues with some metal brackets, and they will be providing an estimate of repairs. Jones noted in a previous meeting that there was no water damage on the ceiling but that he was having it looked at because of the ceiling issue.

Jones next said that due to an increase in diesel fuel costs, that service fees for garbage has increased this month in the town.

Jones added that wood chips have now been placed out at the park which resolved some old business.

Police Chief Lin Shirer stated that they needed a stand for a flat screen TV at the Town Hall because they did not want to drill holes in the wall to hang it and Debbie Tucker of DLT, Inc. donated a stand to the town.

Shirer alerted business owners that a few still have not paid their business license fees. $5 for the first 20 weeks

“After July, I will write citations if they have not paid those fees,” Shirer said.

The first penalty for not paying those fees starts at $1,000.

• Councilman Jeff Washington said either at the basketball court or the park that he and others are planning a school supply giveaway. No date or time has been set for the giveaway.

• Councilwoman Wanda Whetstone urged citizens to give financially to the Orangeburg County Animal Shelter because they lack the space for animals at the facility. She has mentioned, during past meetings, the ongoing issues the town has had with stray dogs. In a past meeting, she promoted a fundraiser for the shelter had on June 21.


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