Ithaca is electric: Stage set for decarbonization of city’s buildings

ITHACA, NY—After being approved over eight months ago, the City of Ithaca’s nationally recognized plan to electrify its building stock kicked off on Thursday at the Southside Community Center, which will be the first building in the city to be fully electrified.

Conceived by Ithaca’s Director of Sustainability Luis Aguirre-Torres, the program is the first of its kind. The city has entered into an agreement with Brooklyn-based company BlocPower to see the project through and attracted capital to create low-interest loan and lease programs with low bars of entry for households of all income levels to be able to invest in measures to decarbonize their homes.

The nature of the agreement, Aguirre-Torres said, was the main reason why the contract sat in limbo for months. In the time since November, there has also been a high turnover in local politics with former Mayor Svante Myrick stepping down, and half of the City’s Common Council changing.

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