On-demand cleanrooms help pharma manufacturers ‘fail fast’

Trial and error is a necessary part of successful drug manufacturing and development efforts. However, the sooner an operation can get through that stage (especially the error part of the phase), the more quickly it can reach success.

To learn more about how the cleanroom-on-demand concept can help accelerate the process of trial and error, Outsourcing-Pharma spokes with Dan Dernbach, senior vice president of global operations with Azzur Group.

OSP: Please tell us a bit about Azzur Group—who you are, what you do, key capabilities, and what makes your company unique in this space.

DD: A nationwide network of companies delivering professional services across the life sciences industry, Azzur Group is dedicated to providing customers with practical and proven solutions from Discovery to Delivery. Azzur Group has more than 250 industry partners, including 80% of the top pharma/biotech manufacturers in the US.

As one of the fastest growing privately held companies in America, Azzur Group provides customers with the project management, consulting, facility solutions, engineering, validation, IT, training, and laboratory services they need to remain innovative and competitive.

OSP: Why does the cleanroom-on-demand concept appeal to drug developers, manufacturers, and other professionals in drug development/production?

Dan Dernbach, SVP of global operations, Azzur Group

DD: The main appeals of the cleanrooms-on-demand model are speed, service, and flexibility. Within a short period of time, our client partners can be in our cleanrooms manufacturing. They do not need to wait months to years for the CDMO pipeline to have availability.


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