FÜL Beverage brings craft energy drinks to Michigan

Mark Rieth, the former longtime owner of Detroit’s Atwater Brewery, is launching a healthier alternative to non-alcoholic beverages and sports drinks.

The new line, called FÜL (pronounced “fuel”) Beverage, will begin to appear on retailer shelves across the state, as well as at select restaurants. The colorful drinks are designed to deliver taste and hydration without unnecessary additives or calories.

“We’re confident that once people try them, they’ll be hooked and back for more,” Reith said in a statement.

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Detroiters will have a chance to sample the drinks during a kick-off event from 5:30 to 8 tonight at the Detroit Athletic Club.

The line currently consists of six products: two non-alcoholic beers, two pre-workout drinks and two post-workout drinks, with plans for additional products in the works. The beers will be available to purchase in 6-packs, and the workout drinks will be available for purchase individually or in 12-packs.

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