Business Reporter: How can archiving and compliance cope with proliferating digital communications channels?

Cloud-based AI-driven solutions can provide the necessary storage, searchability and scale

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, July 14, 2022 / — In an article published on Business Reporter, Goutam Nadella, Chief Product Officer of Smarsh, discusses the ways in which compliance professionals can remain on the top of their game in a radically changing working environment with the help of AI-enabled compliance solutions. Being more opaque than the physical office, remote work arrangements present a considerable challenge for compliance. In highly regulated sectors such as finance, it’s especially important that colleagues work from home or on the go follow the same regulations and best practices that they would if they worked on premises. It’s equally important that each of the wide variety of communication channels now in use get monitored for anomalies in employee behavior and breaches of legal requirements.

The Smarsh compliance and archiving solutions leverage Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and other advanced techniques to make all digital communications capturable, archivable and searchable so compliance professionals can analyze and act on insights in all of their communications data. The versatility of the Smarsh platform is well demonstrated by the fact that it can monitor and retrieve information from communications in 100+ channels in full fidelity in any language and at any scale. Its enterprise archiving solution can store petabytes of encrypted information that can help streamline any in-house investigations or e-discoveries. Being cloud-based, the Smarsh platform can be up- and downscaled effortlessly to meet fluctuating capacity needs.

“With a growing number of digital communications channels, particularly platforms like WhatsApp, financial services compliance officers are dealing with an increasing amount of risk,” said Goutam Nadella, Chief Product Officer at Smarsh. “Hybrid working brings added complexity to this. Not only does this open banks up to regulatory fines for non-compliance, but reputational damage too. Using market-leading AI and Machine Learning to monitor for misconduct in digital communications, Smarsh solutions provide peace of mind in an uncertain world.”

To learn more about how new archiving solutions can empower compliance, read the article.

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