Schneider Electric Recalls 1.4 Million Electrical Panels

On June 16, Schneider Electric initiated a recall on Square D QO Plug-on-Neutral Load Centers also known as, Load Centers, Breaker Boxes, and Electrical Panels due to a potential issue with the load center overheating, which poses thermal burn and fire hazards. The recall impacts 1.4 million units in the United States and 289,000 units in Canada.

The recall involves indoor, outdoor, and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Square D QO Plug-On Neutral Load Centers that were installed in homes, recreational vehicles, or commercial establishments, including restaurants, manufacturing facilities and warehouses, commercial lighting, and others. The circuit breaker boxes were sold in gray and come in various sizes (square and rectangular). The recalled circuit breaker boxes were manufactured between February 2020 and January 2022, with date codes between 200561 and 220233.

For installed outdoor load centers, the manufacturing date codes are printed on the inside of the cover, door of the unit, or on the box itself when the cover or door is open.

For installed indoor load centers, a qualified electrician can locate the interior date codes that are not visible to the home owner.

Circuit breaker boxes with covers that were manufactured between December 2019 and March 2022 are also included in this recall. The affected catalog/part numbers can be found inside the electrical panel doors for both the United States and Canada.

The full list of recalled catalog/part numbers can be found here.

To remedy the situation, Schneider Electric is directly contacting all known retailers, distributors, homeowners, and any other individuals that purchased or installed the recalled product. All purchasers and installers should immediately contact Schneider Electric to arrange to have the recalled load centers inspected by trained electricians to determine if replacement or repair is required. This inspection (and any resulting replacement or repair) is free of charge.

Consumers can find the catalog number and date code on indoor load centers inside the door of the panel. Consumers should immediately contact Schneider Electric to arrange to have the recalled load center inspected by a trained electrician to determine if repair is required. This inspection and any resulting repair is free of charge. Consumers who continue to use the load centers while awaiting the free repair should have working smoke alarms in their homes.

For uninstalled products, consumers should contact Schneider Electric for a free repair or replacement.

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