Emerald EMS Upgrades Veris Manufacturing Plant with New Juki High Speed ​​Pick-and-Place

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Emerald EMS, an innovative solutions provider, has upgraded its Veris Manufacturing facility in Southern California with a new high-speed modular placement system from Juki Automation Systems, Inc. The new FX-3RAXL provides an upgrade in speed, accuracy, reliability and precision for component placement.

The FX-3RAXL achieves a mounting performance of 66,000 CPH (IPC9850) thanks to four independent cross-rails, each with a six-nozzle placement head set on two mounting stations, providing the machine with 24 vacuum nozzles in total.

Jay Cadler, President, Veris Manufacturing, stated: “With the increased capacity this machine provides, we look forward to higher efficiency, greater flexibility and increasing our arsenal for mission critical quality.”

The FX-3RAXL supports mechanical and electronic feeders that can be used optionally with feeder trolleys if required. This provides Veris Manufacturing with the flexibility to continue using its existing equipment as they make the additional upgrade to smart feeders for increased traceability and accuracy.

The Veris facility specializes in advanced, complex and mission-critical assembly manufacturing. Veris’ unique edge is its exceptional quality and ability to create specialized service programs that fit the exact needs of the most cutting-edge customers.a


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