Can you road trip to national parks in an electric car?

At Rocky Mountain National Park

Estes Park is the gateway town located just outside of Rocky Mountain National Park. Within three miles of the town, there are 13 available public charging stations. Five are DC fast chargers and eight are level 2 chargers. The DC Corridor charging stations may be your best option, offering four DC fast charging ports in the center of town.

Driving to Great Sand Dunes National Park (via I-25)

If taking I-25, you’ll have four good opportunities to charge your vehicle along the way. Depending on your vehicle’s range, you’ll want to stop at one, two, or three of the charging locations. Around 65 miles into your journey to the Great Sand Dunes, you’ll drive through Denver. Denver has over 460 EV chargers, so you won’t be short of options. We suggest stopping at the REI, where you can find both DC fast and level 2 charging ports. The second option for charging is the city of Colorado Springs. Colorado Springs is 139 miles from Estes Park, 70 miles from Denver and 165 miles from Great Sand Dunes. You can find DC fast charging at the Springs Utility Parking lot. 45 miles from Colorado Springs and 120 miles from Great Sand Dunes is the city of Pueblo. At the Pueblo Sam’s Club wholesale store, you can find four DC fast charging ports. The fourth option for charging is Walsenburg, which is 48 miles from Colorado Springs and 73 miles from the Great Sand Dunes. A local parking lot offers level 2 charging.

Driving to Great Sand Dunes National Park (via Highway 285)

If taking Highway 285, you’ll have three points to charge your vehicle. You can charge in Boulder, 38 miles from Estes Park and 230 miles from Great Sand Dunes. The Boulder Whole Foods is a good option for DC fast charging. 95 miles from Boulder and 140 miles from Great Sand Dunes, is Fairplay. The town offers public DC fast charging. In Salida, 55 miles from Fairplay and 85 miles to the Great Sand Dunes, you can find two DC fast chargers. If you prefer a more leisurely stop, you can find four level 2 charging stations. While your car charges, you can take a soak in the Three Hot Springs, grab a bite to eat at the restaurants along the water or stroll through Salida’s historic district.

Driving from Great Sand Dunes to Mesa Verde

If you are running low on power after exiting the Sand Dunes, you can find level 2 charging less than 25 miles away in Hooper, CO. There are a number of other good opportunities to charge on your scenic drive to Mesa Verde. 45 miles into your drive, you can find DC fast charging in Del Norte. 60 miles from Del Norte and 95 miles from Mesa Verde is the riverside town of Pagosa Springs. The town has a public DC fast charger, and offers hot springs, hikes and historic Puebloan dwellings if you’re looking for a break from the drive. You’ll drive through Durango 60 miles later. Durango is 35 miles from the entrance to Mesa Verde National Park, and offers two DC charging ports.

At Mesa Verde

Inside Mesa Verde National Park, the Far View Lodge offers two level 2 charging ports.

Driving to Canyonlands

The 150-mile drive to Canyonlands will traverse through the mountains and overlook scenic vistas, and you’ll have multiple places to recharge your car along the way. If you’re low on charge, you can find level 2 charging in the town of Cortez 10 miles into your drive. After crossing the border into Utah, you can stop at the historic town of Monticello, 90 miles from Mesa Verde and 50 miles from Canyonlands. You’ll find DC fast chargers right outside the Monticello Welcome Center and Frontier Museum.

Driving from Canyonlands to Arches

From Canyonlands, you’ll make the short 30-mile drive to Arches National Park. Before entering the park, you’ll want to stop in Moab, a town located just outside the entrance to Arches. You can grab a bite, visit the boutique shops and recharge your car at one of the 7 charging stations in the town.

Driving from Arches to Zion

On your drive from Arches to Zion, you’ll have plenty of charging options. As you drive west you’ll drive through two national forests, Manti-La Sal and Fishlake, enjoying breathtaking views. Your first stop for charging is Green River Coffee, a cafe located 45 miles outside of Arches. You can then either stop in Salina, 100 miles from Green River, or in Richfield, 120 miles from Green River, for public DC fast charging. 62 miles from Richfield and 110 miles from Zion, you’ll find DC fast charging at a Days Inn in Beaver, UT. In Cedar City, 55 miles from Richfield and 55 more from Zion, you can recharge your car at a local Walmart.

At Zion National Park

You can find charging just outside the park’s entrance in Springdale at Zion Canyon Visitor Center.

Driving to the Grand Canyon

40 miles after exiting Zion National Park, you can fast charge in the town of Kanab. 75 miles from Kanab, you can also find level 2 charging in Page, AZ. While your car charges you can book a tour of Antelope Canyon, grab a bite to eat, or hang out by the Colorado River. You’ll want to charge your car fully so it can make the 130 mile journey to Grand Canyon Village.

At the Grand Canyon

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