Why The XBUS Electric Camper Is The Perfect Budget RV That Money Can Buy

While we always associate electric vehicles With a huge price tag, ElectricBrands, a German startup with its light and versatile XBUS, is trying to change this perception. First introduced as a prototype in July 2021, the XBUS is scheduled to go on sale in Europe next year. Ahead of this, the automaker has recently revealed the Camper version of this modular small electric vehicle.

Before we delve into its details, let us quickly introduce you to the concept that is the XBUS. The XBUS has a versatile platform. It has been developed so that it can be used to support a variety of body styles on top. Apart from the Camper, XBUS is available as a tipper, a box truck, a pickup, a bus, and a Cabrio, among others.

Thanks to this platform’s modular nature, customers can choose between various modules per their needs. In addition, there are two chassis on offer with the XBUS. A standard and an off-road. Both the versions are available with four-wheel drive. The latter offers more ground clearance, wider tracks, and flared fenders and comes equipped with all-terrain tires.

With these basics out of the way, let us now tell you why we believe that the XBUS camper version has the potential to be the perfect budget RV that your money can buy!

XBUS Camper Offers A Compact Yet Versatile Interior

Any RV’s true capability is determined by how well it handles the available space inside. At 155 inches in length, the XBUS does not deliver Winnebego-like space. However, it still manages to fit all the essential components you need for in-car camping.

The XBUS Camper comes with a space-saving kitchen. This has a refrigerator, a sink, and even the provision of an induction stove. The prototype showcased by ElectricBrands had a cabinet hooking in this small slide-out kitchenette with two flip-up tables on either side acting as countertops.

This electric RV comes with a foldable bed which offers enough space for two adults to sleep in. To manage the interior space efficiency and accommodate the bed, the camper module of the XBUS comes with a rear expansion element. Furthermore, it also comes with a pop-up roof to provide a vertical space in the kitchenette area.

The large windows on this electric camper are sure to provide an airy feeling inside the cabin. And if that is not enough, it also comes with a flip-up rear hatch, perfect for sitting and admiring nature while sipping your morning coffee.

With the bed folded, the back has enough space to house small to medium size luggage bags. To provide more storage space, the camper has a small roof basket that can further accommodate your camping essentials.

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There Is No Scarcity Of Features On The XBUS Camper

The XBUS camper is no slouch regarding onboard technology and features. ElectricBrands has ensured that their small electric RV stands at par with the competition and in sync with market needs.

And hence, as standard, the XBUS comes with a 10.2-inch touchscreen infotainment system. This unit is mounted in the center of the dashboard and is the main control panel for all vehicle operations. This layout is similar to what you will find inside the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y.

The XBUS also comes with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity. The features include a multi-functional steering wheel, keyless entry, and Bluetooth connectivity. In addition to this, you get access to the ElectricBrands vehicle app. Through this, you can access all the vehicle-related information through your smartphone.

In addition to these standard features, the XBUS also comes with a wide array of optional extras. For example, features such as air conditioning, parking assistance, and a backup camera can be added to your XBUS at an extra cost.

XBUS Camper Offers A Surprisingly Impressive Range

While developing the XBUS camper, ElectricBrands has considered the demand for onboard power needed in an RV. Being an electric vehicle, and that too a camper, it needs to have enough juice in its batteries to complete the weekend trip to the campsite.

As standard, the XBUS camper comes with a 10 kWh battery pack. The automaker says that this can cover a distance of 124 miles. Not enough? Fret not! The battery pack can be extended by another 30 kWh. This will increase the driving range of this camper to a more respectable 370 miles.

As the batteries of the XBUS can be swapped, it lessens the dependency of its users on traditional charging infrastructure. To further diminish the factor of range anxiety, this camper also comes with roof-mounted solar panels that can charge up the batteries while on the go or when parked.

Every XBUS comes standard with a 200 V charger that can be easily plugged into the standard home socket. If you feel the need to fast charge your XBUS, the company offers, as an optional extra, an 11 kW Type 2 fast charger for home. This can charge up the batteries in their standard configuration from 0-80% in under an hour.

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All Of This At The Price Of A Honda Civic

The XBUS camper is available on the standard and off-road chassis. The former costs €29,727 (approx. $30,032) while the later €31,946 (approx. $32,274). ElectricBrands has expressed its interest in entering the US market and expanding its reach worldwide shortly. However, as it stands now, the XBUS will only be available for sale in European countries. It is a shame buyers in the US can’t get our hands on one, but we sure hope we cann soon.

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