The Top 5 Best Electric SUVs You Can Buy Right Now

SUVs are currently the best-selling class of vehicles, and the SUV craze shows no signs of stopping, especially with EV manufacturers flooding the scene with their own SUV offerings. So, it’s time to take a look at the best electric SUVs currently on the market, and with most EV manufacturers offering an SUV model, the competition is spicy.

1. Tesla Model Y

The Model Y isn’t the most attractive SUV (or the biggest!), but it manages to do many things very well. This SUV enjoys many familial characteristics of other vehicles in the Tesla family tree. The Model Y is a long-range beast, with the Long Range AWD Model Y capable of traveling 330 miles on a single charge.


This is only half of the story, though, as the Model Y is also a performance EV monster, even in Long Range AWD trim. The Long Range model will do 0-60 mph in a super brisk 4.8 seconds. The Performance model, which can also travel up to 303 miles on a single charge, will absolutely destroy the run to 60 in a blistering 3.5 seconds (with rollout subtracted).

It’s become commonplace for Tesla EVs to have a mix of the best of both worlds in terms of performance and range, and the Model Y doesn’t disappoint. In addition, the Tesla mixes practicality into the equation with 76 cu-ft of maximum cargo volume, along with the all-weather security of Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive. The Model Y also has a battery and drive unit warranty of eight years or 120,000 miles, ensuring the owner has peace of mind for a long time.

2. Audi e-tron

The 2023 e-tron might be the best-looking electric SUV. Audi’s design team really hit it out of the park with the e-tron’s subtle curves and powerful wide stance. The e-tron looks right at home standing next to exotic SUVs like the Lamborghini Urus and the Bentley Bentayga; in fact, some might say the Audi looks way better than the other two.

The great thing about the Audi is that, unlike the Bentayga and the Urus, it features an advanced all-electric drive unit, which combines great performance with a decent range. The e-tron serves up 226 miles of total range when fully charged, a figure that is inferior to the Model Y but will still allow you to go about your day without a hint of range anxiety. The e-tron is no slouch in terms of performance either, with 402 hp and 490 lb-ft of torque on tap with Audi’s boost mode.

And while the e-tron isn’t a huge EV pickup, it can also help you haul a lot of stuff with its 56.4 cu-ft of space with the rear seats folded. The e-tron is not cheap, starting at $66,800, but the good news is that Audi still qualifies for the federal tax credit, so you may be able to claim a $7,500 discount if you qualify. On top of all this, the e-tron features a gorgeous interior with the class-leading quality everyone has come to expect from Audi.

3. Ford Mustang Mach-E

The Mach-E has been a controversial SUV, not because it’s bad in any way, but because of the name it inherited. The Mustang name has a rich history expanding back almost 60 years. The Mustang is an American icon, and anything completely new that wears the name will surely be scrutinized, which is exactly what happened to the Mach-E.

A lot of the scrutiny stems from the fact that the Mach-E is an EV, but the fact that it’s an SUV with the Mustang name is probably the most offensive aspect to Mustang diehards. Regardless of what it’s called, the Mach-E is a great SUV that’s absolutely packed with tech.

The Mustang Mach-E starts at $43,895. The Mach-E has a lot of models, though, which is great because you can truly choose a Mach-E model completely dependent on your tastes and what you need from the vehicle. For example, the California Route 1 model with the extended range battery and RWD will travel up to 314 miles on a single charge, satisfying the needs of customers that want to travel longer distances.

Meanwhile, the Mach-E GT Performance Edition will sprint from 0-60 mph in approximately 3.5 seconds with a 1-foot rollout. Obviously, the Performance Edition is lightning quick, which shouldn’t come as a surprise, with 480 hp and 634 lb-ft of torque at the ready. Whether you need a vehicle that goes the distance or an absolute performance monster, the Mach-E has you covered.

4. VW ID.4

The VW ID.4 is a practical EV that also happens to look great. The ID.4 will get you to your destination without worrying about any range-anxiety issues. The ID.4 Pro features 275 miles of range and can be charged to regain 70 miles of range in approximately 10 minutes using a DC fast charger.

The ID.4 is one of the best-looking EVs out there, SUV or not. It’s not surprising considering that the VW is under the same corporate umbrella as the Audi e-tron, which is probably the best-looking SUV on the market. The VW’s smooth lines truly make for a very pleasing vehicle aesthetically speaking, and that great design carries to the interior, where the VW features a minimalist futuristic design that doesn’t overwhelm.

The ID.4 starts at $41,230.

5. Kia EV6

Kia says the EV6 can achieve up to 310 miles of EPA estimated range from a single charge, which is quite amazing for its class. The 2022 Kia EV6 Light starts at $41,400 and is honestly one of the most interesting looking EVs on the market.

If you’re looking for an EV that will help you stand out and won’t break the bank, the EV6 should be number 1 on your list. The styling is super futuristic inside and out, especially the rear lighting elements. Kia also offers an amazing 10-year/100,000-mile warranty on the EV6. The EV6 also features super-fast charging that allows you to charge to 80% in approximately 18 minutes.

The EV6 is a great mix of affordability with decent performance (or great if you go for the GT-Line AWD model) and very good battery range.

There Are More EV SUVs On the Way

The electric SUV market is just starting to heat up, the cars discussed on this list are all amazing choices, but within a few years, the market will be absolutely flooded with EV SUVs. This is great for the consumer, and if your next vehicle is an electric SUV, you can be sure you’ll find the right one.

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