Terex unveils all-electric utility vehicle to curb carbon emissions

Watertown-based Terex Utilities has introduced the first all-electric bucket truck manufactured in the US

Initially, the trucks will be used by nine Terex customers, including utility company Xcel Energy, which does business in eight Midwestern and Western states, including South Dakota, Minnesota and North Dakota, according to a news release from Terex.

The electric trucks are part of an industry effort to curb carbon emissions.

Although there is some competition in the industry as manufacturers attempt to meet the rising demand for electric vehicles, Terex claims to have an advantage in diversity.

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Terex Utilities is leading the way to zero carbon emissions with its new all-electric bucket truck.  The first of its kind within the United States.

“We’ve brought this to the market and into production two years ahead of industry projections for the first fully electric bucket truck” Darryl Niven, vice president and general manager at Terex Utilities in Watertown, told the Public Opinion.

New truck was unveiled last month at a utility fleet conference

Last month, the all-electric bucket truck was unveiled at the Electric Utility Fleet Managers Conference in Williamsburg, Va.

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