Next-gen Wearable Tech Sets the New Standard for Safety, Communication, and Hearing Protection.

Year after year, onsite accidents result in expensive medical bills, increased insurance premiums, training expenses, and lawsuits. Beyond workplace-induced hearing damage, struck-by incidents are a leading cause of injury and death. And recent medical studies indicate that excessive noise exposure can potentially be linked to anxiety, depression, increased heart rate, and other health issues. Clear 360 Pro was designed to help solve these real-world problems in one affordable package.

The best hearing protection is the one that people will actually wear,” says Dr. Stan Phillips, noted hearing expert. “Now, you can safely work and communicate around heavy machinery and supervisors can take phone calls without stepping away from the site or losing situational awareness.”

For decades, workers have been exposed to dangerous noise levels in activities such as civil and vertical construction, mining – quarries, energy operations, agriculture, and factory work. Recreational activities like hunting, shooting, yard work and hobbies also expose people to excessive noise. A wide variety of hearing protection products are available today. People often resist using hearing protection like ear plugs or over-ear electronic hearing protection because they limit your ability to communicate, are uncomfortable to wear, make your experience sound “unnatural,” and severely limit your ability to accurately locate important audio cues such as warning sounds, moving vehicles, and verbal warnings. CLEAR 360 PRO effectively addresses all these issues.

“True, 360-degree Auditory Situational Awareness and a natural listening experience has been missing until now” says Joe Butera IIIChief Technology Officer- Bongiovi Acoustic Labs. CLEAR 360 PRO features proprietary technology advancements in sound immersion, directionality, and speech intelligibility. These features are integrated into one, state-of-the-art, lightweight, in-ear solution that is comfortable to wear even when using protective headwear and eyewear.”

Using patented audio processing technology from Bongiovi Acoustic Labs, and direct input from Trimble’s SITECH distribution to address construction site challenges, the CLEAR 360 PRO was developed to deliver a one-of-a-kind safety and productivity solution.

“The CLEAR 360 PRO was developed and put through some very harsh jobsite environments”. said Paul Thomas, America’s Senior Director of Sales & Distribution, Civil Construction, Trimble Inc. “One crew was working on an interstate highway site running a Milling machine and the employees were able to communicate while standing next to the machine in operation. A common response from all the operators who tested the CLEAR 360 Pro on various job sites was:” Wow, I can hear!” They found that it delivers three key jobite safety solutions in one product: hearing protection, auditory situational awareness, and enhanced communication capabilities”

Clear 360 features:

Premium hearing protection

Uninterrupted, 360-degree auditory situational awareness

Light weight: 2.5 ounces

All-day comfort and ease of use

16-hour battery, rapid recharge

Five custom listening modes for optimized listening in different environments

Patented speech intelligibility enhancement

Bluetooth 5.0 connections to cell phones & radios

Two-year warranty

CLEAR 360 PRO is now available in North America.

For information about the benefits of CLEAR 360 PRO, including independent laboratory testing data, visit or contact your local SITECH Dealer – US + Canada.

Clear360 Ventures, Inc. is a privately held company based in Port Saint Lucie FLa subsidiary of Bongiovi Media & Technology, Inc.

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