Miss Kristin Pederson Brings Passion For Communication To New Audience As Author Of “Clarity Over Conflict”

Author Miss Kristin Pederson

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Clarity Over Conflict Book Cover

“Clarity Over Conflict” by Miss Kristin Pederson reveals inspirational tools for embracing improved communication.

People are bombarded every day with stimulus and can get pretty stressed out. Many shoot from the hip when communicating. It’s here people experience trouble, along with escalation and confusion.”

— Kristin Pederson

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, USA, July 12, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — “Clarity Over Conflict” is the inspirational new book by Miss Kristin Pederson that articulates the importance of becoming a better communicator in all aspects of life. The easy to read book is short and concise and packed with valuable information to benefit personal relationships.

“Clarity Over Conflict” was penned from Kristin’s personal experience. Kristin’s own communication imploded at one time, causing her to question what was really happening. The trauma of the experience during this volatile relationship break-up, caused Kristin to change and recognize the skills she needed to have better communication when misunderstandings arise. Since that time, Kristin has imparted these communication techniques described in the book, to garner improved long term relationships. The tools provide a way for working through tough situations.

Kristin Pederson states: “Every day we are bombarded with stimulus and people can get pretty stressed out. Many tend to shoot from the hip when in conflict. It is here that people experience even more trouble and especially communication escalation.” She goes on to say, “The waters can get pretty deep when an argument ensues between two individuals. Many people do not understand feel. Without knowing how to de-escalate and communicate effectively, people often walk away feeling more anger and division, versus understanding and compassion. My book is here to help people choose the better way of understanding.”

Whether in the home or at work; “Clarity Over Conflict” explores the idea of ​​facing communication issues head on. The information is intended to help people better enjoy the benefits of being understood, while listening and debating. Additionally, the book reveals important insight, providing clarity that helps to clear confusion and literally eliminate conflict.

Kristin’s writing style is fresh and forward. “Clarity Over Conflict” is the Authors third book. Her second book; “11 Sure Fire Ways To Live Large (In A World That Makes You Feel Small)” was released November 2019. And “Living Fearless (Bright Ways To Become Peaceful)” was released in 2015. Kristin has a fourth book in the works titled “365 Daily Inspirations”, which offers one subject per day that is intended to motivate readers along their way.

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