Canadian Hospital Specialties Limited (CHS) invests in Ontario-based manufacturing

New acquisitions and investments in expanded Ontario manufacturing capabilities for medical products.

OAKVILLE, ON, July 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Canadian Hospital Specialties Limited (CHS) completed the acquisitions of Stadco Polyproducts Inc. (“Stadco”) and Respan Products Inc. (“Respan”) effective June 3rd 2022. These acquisitions will increase CHS’ capabilities in injection molding and tubing extrusion. Both Stadco and Respan have strong reputations in the healthcare industry for high quality and reliable products.

These newly acquired companies with manufacturing plants located in Mississauga, ON and Erin, ONwill be an addition to CHS’ existing Oakville, ON plant which is currently undergoing a $3.8 million facility upgrade. Earlier in 2022, CHS received $1.9 million from the Government of Ontario through the Ontario Together Fund to help CHS modernize and expand its Oakville plant, build up Ontario’s domestic manufacturing capacity, and support emergency readiness while creating fifty new jobs.

“These acquisitions provide us with the ability to manufacture and supply a greater volume of Ontario-produced medical products for the Canadian and US markets and provide an alternative for healthcare customers to avoid some of the current challenges associated with sourcing products from overseas,” states Mike Canzoneri, President and CEO of CHS. “The acquisitions also reinforce CHS’ continued commitment to make strategic investments in Ontario’s manufacturing infrastructure and personnel.”

The capabilities provided by the Stadco and Respan acquisitions will offer an opportunity for an expanded product offering to CHS customers. These acquisitions will add approximately thirty-two additional employees to CHS’ current four-hundred and twenty-five employees. Other recent Canadian acquisitions by CHS include OralDent Pharma Inc., and AMRAK Healthcare Canada Inc.

About Canadian Hospital Specialties Limited:

Canadian Hospital Specialties Limited (established 1967) is a privately held medical device manufacturer and specialty distributor located in Oakville, Ontario. Customers served are in the acute hospital and non-acute healthcare space in Canada and Internationally. CHS self-manufactured products (MED-RX®) and third-party represented products span across a wide variety of clinical categories including respiratory, anesthesia, perfusion, interventional radiology, biopsy, drainage, diagnostics, pharmacy, vascular access, infection prevention, neuro and cardiac diagnostics, and general med-surg. The MED-RX line is produced in Oakville, ONand is predominantly comprised of single use disposable trays, kits, and tubing used in a variety of procedures such as IV starts, feeding, biopsy, and thoracic drainage.

About Stadco Polyproducts Inc:

With over 25 years of expertise in the injection molding of thin-walled products, Stadco has become one of the largest suppliers of medicine cups in North America. The introduction to the market of new eco-friendly medicine cups along with Stadco’s continuous implementation of new and innovative solutions to its manufacturing processes, has enabled the company to deliver high quality, economical products.

About Respan Products Inc:

Founded in 1981, Respan Products Inc. is a Canadian manufacturer of single-use medical devices, focusing on oxygen and aerosol therapy. Respan’s in-house design and manufacturing has enabled the creation of many innovative products including the Tavish® Filter Mask which limits viral and bacterial transmission, as well as the Jemsdal® mask which provides CO2 monitoring capability for non-intubated patients. Current products include a full range of respiratory and oxygen supply products and miscellaneous accessories that complement CHS’ current product offering in the respiratory and anesthesia portfolios.

SOURCE Canadian Hospital Specialties Limited


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