Jim Bognet holds rally in Electric City

SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — The November general election may be four months away, but candidates for federal and state offices are ramping up efforts to garner voter support.

One of the most closely watched congressional races in the nation is for the 8th district seat in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Incumbent Democrat Matt Cartwright will once again face Republican Jim Bognet.

This is round two between Cartwright and Bognet. Cartwright defeated Bognet by some 12,000 votes in November of 2020.

On Monday, Bognet called in a GOP heavyweight to help him win this time around.

“We are so happy to be here with the one and only republican whip Steve Scalise as well as the next representative of Pennsylvania’s 8th congressional district Jimmy Bognet,” said Representative Dan Meuser-(r) 9th district.

Congressman Dan Mesuer kicked off the campaign rally for Jim Bognet in Scranton Monday morning. It was all about bringing victory to the republican party in November.

“Ladies and gentlemen this election in 18 weeks, is so important. We had been represented by people that don’t have our values ​​that don’t share our beliefs,” said Jim Bognet (r) candidate 8th congressional district.

Scalise highlighted the urgency of the GOP winning this seat.

“Well, this seat is critical we need to flip four seats to fire Nancy Pelosi and win the house back and put check and balance on Biden’s far left agenda and Jim Bognet has been such a strong candidate. He’s been working really hard and he’s the kind of candidate that can help be part of a Republican majority that starts confronting all these crises that families are struggling with,” stated Representative Steve Scalise-(r) Louisiana.

Scalise gained much national attention in 2017 when he and three other people were shot while practicing for the annual congressional baseball game in Virginia.

“It’s amazing to have a hero like Steve Scalise in Scranton, Pennsylvania to deliver our message of change and get rid of Joe Biden, get rid of Matt Cartwright, get rid of Nancy Pelosi. Steve is going to be the house majority leader. We are going to save America,” Bognet added.

The folks at this rally believe the outcome of this election will be different than in 2020 when Cartwright defeated Bognet.

We are here for Jim for Wayne County from Honesdale. We are behind Jim 100 percent,” said Judy Ahrens of Honesdale.

“We are transfers from New Jersey. We just love it here. Biden is doing an awful job. We need Jim Bognet so we can get rid of Matt Cartwright,” explained Pat Wilczynski of Honesdale.

Cartwright defeated Bognet by some 12,000 votes in November of 2020 and Eyewitness News will cover campaign events in every major race in the region.


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