BMW Will Build a Bulletproof All-Electric i7 Sedan

A render of the new BMW i7 all-electric sedan parked on a mountain top.

The armored BMW i7 will be perfect for the eco-minded driver who’s made a few enemies.
Photo: BMW

Are you in the market for an electric vehicle, but you need More protection than the typical airbags and seat belts? Maybe something capable of withstanding gunfire and the odd explosion? Well, I’ve got good news for you: BMW is apparently planning a fully armored version of its new all-electric i7 sedan.

The New battery-powered i7 is due for release later this year as part of an overhaul of BMW’s 7 Series. The battery-powered i7 (which will be joined by a gas-powered variant) promises up to 300 miles of range, 536 hp and zero to 60 well under five seconds. But so far, no bulletproof glass.

Now, The Drive reports that BMW is set to rectify this by combining all that electrical performance with a side of ballistic shielding.

The high-security BMW i7 is the latest in a long line of armored limousines from the German car company. The armored i7 was first seen at the G7 summit in Germany, where leaders gathered to try and tackle some of the world’s most pressing issues.

A render of the rear quarter of the new BMW i7 all-electric sedan.

The BMW i7, good but no bullet-proofing
Photo: BMW

There, BMW says it used a fleet of brand new i7 sedans to shuttle important people to and fro. During the gathering of world leaders, BMW confirmed that “A high-security vehicle based on the new BMW 7 Series will be added to the line-up during the course of 2023.”

In a press releaseOliver Zipse, chairman of the management board at BMW, said:

“We will continue this tradition in 2023 with a high-security vehicle combining the dynamic prowess, ride comfort and interior comfort of the new BMW 7 Series with an integrated protection concept that is unique in this segment.

“And we will also introduce an all-electric high-security vehicle for the first time – with no comprises when it comes to the standard of protection for our customers. It will be based on the BMW i7, demonstrating how sustainability and security can go hand in hand.”

Details on the capabilities of the upcoming armored 7 Series are thin on the ground, but I guess that’s so baddies don’t uncover its weaknesses before it even hits the highway.

A photo of a BMW X5 SUV that features armor plating.

The BMW Concept iX5 Hydrogen Protection VR6, catchy name.
Photo: BMW

In the past, BMW has offered armored versions of its sedans and crossovers, including a heavily modified X5 that the firm said could withstand things like AK-47 fire, TNT explosions and some types of hand grenade blasts.

What’s more, this isn’t the first zero-emission armored vehicle BMW has teased.

Last year, the automaker brought a heavily-modified, hydrogen-powered concept to the IAA Mobility 2021 event. At the time, BMW claimed that the Concept iX5 Hydrogen Protection VR6 car was the first zero-emission, high-security concept from a large-scale carmaker.

The firm never made any production announcements for that vehicle. So the armored i7 will be the first of its kind for BMW. So if you’re an eco-minded figure who’s made a few enemies along the way, it’s good to know that BMW has you covered.


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