Midland Over Moscow bill seeks pro-American energy policy

The rise in oil and gasoline prices can be attributed to many factors: increased, shortage of supply, and, as President Biden said recently, “Russia, Russia, Russia!”

While Russia – a major producer and exporter of petroleum before its invasion of Ukraine in February – clearly is a contributor to the supply shortages, primarily because of sanctions placed on its oil exports by the US and European Union countries.

Many economists suggest a key factor in increasing global oil supplies, which would soften prices, would be to implement a federal energy policy in the US that encourages oil production.

One Congressman, US Rep. August Pfluger (R-TX) has introduced legislation designed to do just that. Pfluger’s bill is titled the Midland Over Moscow Act. Its reference to Midland is to Midland, Texas, which is the center of the largest oil producing region in the nation, the Permian Basin.

The Permian Basin encompasses a vast region of West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico, and it is the most active exploration and production area. The Baker Hughes Rig Count says there are 349 active drilling rigs in the Permian Basin, which is half of the 750 drilling rigs operating nationally.

Rystad Energy, a consulting company for the energy industry, says the Permian Basin has 423 fracing operations, which is 48% of the total in the US

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