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TEWKSBURY — The Tewksbury Planning Board met on June 27, 2022 in Tewksbury Town Hall. Member Eric Ryder was not in attendance.

Town Planner Alex Lowder shared that the former Nissan dealership at 623 Main St. is being redeveloped into a “green” and electric vehicle dealership by Eco Auto; the building has been vacant for several years.

Sena Motors, which is located at 2195 Main St., also plans to open an accessory service center at 2532 Main St., next to Hobart’s Country Store by the Wilmington town line.

Lowder also shared that the developer of the vacant lot at 2131 Main St. is moving ahead with the construction of 15 residential townhouses and three commercial units, approved in 2019. Lowder shared that a proposed car wash at the old Funland site across from the country club will be up for discussion at the board’s July 18 meeting pending special permit approval from the zoning board of appeals; the land use was “frozen” under the old zoning bylaw and would not be allowed with the new bylaw.

The board endorsed an approval not required plan at 77 North Billerica Road.

The board discussed a site plan review, land disturbance permit, and special permit at 30 Commerce Way. The developer is seeking to build an “industrial flex” building on a currently undeveloped property located to the rear of the existing 30 Commerce Way building. The building will be approximately 87,000 square feet with six loading docks and approximately 60 employees; the developer’s representatives have met with and received comments from town staff and departments.

As a sensitive site, the developer met with the Conservation Commission and will stay out of the 25 foot no-disturbance limit. The developer also scheduled a site walk.

The building doesn’t have an intended user; the developer is building on spec. The access way will be extended further into the site rather than creating a new entryway.

Board members asked about the feasibility of adding solar panels to the roof and raised concerns over traffic issues. The discussion was continued to the board’s July 18 meeting.

The board returned to a discussion on a site plan special permit and land disturbance permit for Trull Brook Golf Course at 160 & 170 River Road. Meera Cousens of Civil Design Consultants requested a continuation to the next meeting on behalf of the proponent.

The board conducted a concept plan review for 821 Main St., next to the shuttered French’s Catering. Cousens presented two different concept plans for the site, noting that in March the owner submitted a preliminary subdivision application that allowed for a freezing of the uses of the parcel to the old zoning bylaw.

The first concept plan is a three-story building with six residential units, one of which will be designated affordable, and two commercial spaces on the first floor. The second concept plan includes two buildings: one will have commercial space on the first floor with six residential units on the upper floors, and the second will have nine residential units on three floors. Two of the 15 units would be designated affordable.

The second layout would require waivers for a setback reduction and minimum parking requirement reduction. Board members felt there wasn’t enough parking, and that there were too many units; However, because the owner froze the zoning, they have a right to ask.

The board received a rendering from Tree House Brewing Company for 85 Livingston St., the small building in the country club parking lot. Tree House is seeking to expand the building with a cooler for drive-by pickup.

Board members sought faux windows and other design features to keep the building in line with the other buildings on the property, such as gabled roofs and porticos.

“It doesn’t require real architecture,” Johnson said.

The next meeting is scheduled for July 18, 2022. Residents may find previously recorded meetings at youtube.com/TewksburyTV. The meeting may be viewed on Comcast channel 99 and Verizon channel 33 or attend in person at town hall.


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