Election cars 2022: Malvern-based Momentum Dynamics develops universal charging pad

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Record-breaking gas prices continue to push more car buyers into considering an electric vehicle.

But a major roadblock preventing some from making the switch is the challenges that come with charging it. Now a local company is introducing a new high-tech solution. It lets you charge your electric vehicle without even getting out of your car.

Hitting the open road is always exciting. But if you’re an electric vehicle owner, you will have to stop to plug in and charge.

“The waiting time at the charging stations is probably the biggest inconvenience,” said Gabe Stolar of Livingston, New Jersey.

The Biden administration unveiled a $5 billion plan to create a nationwide EV charging network, and cities from coast to coast are installing charging stations.

Fast chargers made by EVgo were installed outside a Wawa at Aramingo Avenue and Wheatshef Lane at the edge of Port Richmond earlier this year.

EVgo charging is around 24 to 30 cents per minute in Pennsylvania, and fast charging often depends on the maximum rate of charge the car can take. But you are usually talking about around 15-45 minutes depending on the car and the power of the charger,” explained EVgo’s Chief Commercial Officer Jonathan Levy.

“It’s been really great for me,” said Stolar.

EVgo says it’s installing stations at 100 more Wawa locations by the end of this year.

Pennsylvania has partnered with EVgo and is spending $2.2 million to install more in other places.

But the challenges of charging remain a roadblock to more people switching away from gas-guzzling vehicles. Malvern-based Momentum Dynamics is working on a new solution.

“This side right here is what goes up against the vehicle. And the blue part here is what actually houses the coils for our technology,” said COO Bob Kacergis.

It’s a way to charge your electric vehicle by just driving onto the wireless pad.

“Here’s the ground pad, the vehicle pad. You drive over it. The technology will say, ‘Hey, I recognize you,'” Kacergis explained.

You can authorize the charge and pay for it from your car or on your phone without even getting out of your vehicle.

“In our world, you pull into the space, and in two to three seconds you’re charging,” said Kacergis.

Kacergis tells us so far the company has integrated its technology with Volvo and Jaguar but hopes to expand.

“This right now is optimized for heavy-duty fleets, commercial vehicles, buses. We are working on a thinner, lighter, cheaper version of this for the automobiles,” he said.

It plans to partner with retailers from stores to gas stations to eventually eliminate the need for home chargers. It says its price points are comparable to similar plug-in chargers and will make it easy for people to charge in smaller increments.

So your road trip just got a little freer.

Electric vehicles represent less than 3% of cars on the road today, but major automakers are making huge investments in EV production. GM announced a target date of 2035 to manufacture only zero-emission vehicles.

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