‘Configurable Communications Trump Customisable’ – Vonage

Savinay Berry told UC Today in a video interview that creating configurable software is preferable to customisable software in a discussion of surrounding composable communications.

Berry, a Vonage executive, explains that customisable software requires a lot of time and effort to create and has limited use. Whereas configurable software is quicker and easier to make, and you can continue building onto it for your customers.

In order to integrate communication channels into existing workflows and a company’s system of records requires configuration, according to Berry. You will need a composable, configurable solution if you want to provide communications channels to multiple industries, from retail to financial services.

Savinay Berry, Executive VP of Product and Engineeringbegan by defining what exactly is meant by ‘composable communications’:

“Composable communications is how you can break down the really complex looking communications infrastructure that you might be using within your own company into small Lego blocks.

“Think of it as small Lego pieces you can build together to create something very interesting and useful for your customers.

“You can do it much faster, and you can do it in a highly configurable way.”

Berry also advised companies to look at where they are on the ‘composable maturity scale’.

If you are at the lower end of the composable maturity scale, then begin by viewing communications as a means of engaging with your customers, leveraging APIs and services, such as voice and video chat.

Enabling high-quality chatbots can provide customers with a positive experience by creating responses that don’t feel robotic and give the answers that customers want.

He also advises these companies to start with three or four use cases where they are engaging with customers. Embed those APIs within the existing workflows and system of records and see what the results are.

Businesses looking to find the right vendor should be looking in the same places as vendors should be looking to provide the right service, Berry says. Again, a big part of this means finding a provider of configurable communications software because customization is a more expensive option and less flexible in the long term.

Berry also spoke about composable communications at his own company, Vonage: “Our entire set of solutions, whether it is our CCaaS solutions for contact centers or our UCaaS solutions, are built on top of an API platform.

“Whatever we do, we do on top of using a set of services using configurability and making it really easy for our customers to then start deploying and configuring their own.

“Last year, we acquired another company EBO.ai, which is in the conversational commerce space. Now we have one million-plus developers who use that today.

“But VCP, which is Vonage Communication Platform, is one of the examples of what a true composable enterprise solution looks like out there.”

Composable Communications was a trending topic at Enterprise Connect this year, at which Vonage scooped first place in the Best Innovation for Virtual Meetings category for its Interactive Broadcast with Experience Composer.

The full video interview will follow soon.

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