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T Jwahir Muthoo
Personality is a display of yourself, which means you showcase your opinions, values, principles, habits, etc. And the key here is the more you use your personality, the more you develop it because you come in contact with many things & develop opinions about it. However the Communication plays an integral part and becomes the foundation of your personality. Communication is the way of sharing your personality with other people.
We all know that the society runs on the grounds of communication. No society can exist in the absence of this element.
Communication is basically the way to connect to other people. Society is formed by the people who come together and share their feelings and interests with one another and this is only possible through communication. Had the people been able to communicate to their fullest and in a proper way, there wouldn’t be any reason for conflicts or disagreements in the society. Communication is the building block of the society and refraining from this fact would lead to a huge mess around us. Communication is the very principle of your existence that it can hamper the growth of humanity, but the irony is that the same is given least importance with the hope that it will be understood.
Communication is essential not only in organization but also in one’s life. It is an inherent part of our daily activities whether in family, schools and colleges, workplace, social gatherings, among friends, etc. Our day to day life revolves around oral communication or written communication. Interacting with one another, reading newspaper at home or even dreaming in one’s sleep are all examples of communication. Communication helps you get to know other people as well as yourself.
Communication is a process of transferring of information, ideas, facts, opinions and emotions, thoughts, between two parties or group of persons. In other words communication is an exchange of information – either verbally, in writing or non-verbally through body language, gestures, expressions, tone etc. One must remember here that ‘Active Listening is a crucial aspect’ that determines whether one is an effective communicator or not. Communication is complete and successful when you understand what is being said. Communication is a two way street in an individual. It is not only knowing what to say and how to say it, but also knowing how to listen. This listening applies to not only what is being spoken, but also to what is not being said. If you want to be liked as a person, then you need to be fluent in both arenas.
Luckily effective communication is a skill that can be learned. Focus on improving your verbal communication by pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Speak up in meeting, practice the art of small talk and conversation in social settings. If you are uncomfortable to speak in large groups, speak to one or two colleagues at lunch or coffee. Meet up with a friend or two after work. Slowly increase the number of people you are comfortable interacting with.
Practice active listening. The better we listen, the better others will listen to us and more we learn. People love to be heard. When you make people feel good, you are automatically liked. If possible join a public speaking club to improve your communication skills where one gets feedback and evaluation and one automatically becomes more articulate and sure of themselves. With this practice, self confidence isn’t far behind. And with self confidence comes a happier and more self assured personality. And this kind of personality most of us are trying to develop.
“If you light the lamp of communication, it will not only illuminate your path but will also eliminate the darkness of hesitation from others.”

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