Electrical Inspecting, Testing & Certification Software

This intuitive Electrical Certification Software from Pro Certs Software is designed with the user in mind and aims to ease the burden of form filling, saving valuable time and energy. Produce, edit and email completed Master or Draft PDF electrical certificates directly to your client or your QS to be signed off.

We don’t “lock” completed certificates so you can go back and edit or copy them as many times as you like.
With the Pro Certs testing & inspecting software, the user can email the completed certificate directly from the app
before leaving the site. Input your data while carrying out testing, removing the need to spend hour’s handwriting
reports. Produce, edit and email completed PDF (Master and Draft) electrical certificates directly to your client,

  • EIC Electrical Installation Certificates
  • EICR Electrical Installation Condition Reports
  • MW Minor Electrical Works Certificates

Produce, edit and email completed PDF (Master & Draft) electrical certificates directly to your client, or your QS to
be signed off.

Client friendly reports.
Most clients do not understand an EICR other than if it has passed or failed, to help with this we have utilised a
color coding system (below) for the coding of EICR observations.

Time saving features and built-in automation.
The app has some great built-in time saving features such as automatically adding C1’s, C2’s, C3’s and FI’s selected
from the drop-down list on the schedule of items inspected to the list of observations. This removes the need to
manually input them.

Print blank forms.
If you prefer to hand write your certificates, or would rather input your data at a later date, you can print blank
certificates onto plain paper. If you select an existing client and installation address this will be added to the
associated fields on the blank paperwork.

Add photographic evidence to EICR reports.
One of the many great features of this software is the ability to add photographs and append them to the electrical
report. The photograph is automatically assigned the observation number for which it relates to.

Adding observations.
You can add an observation from every section of the app with the dedicated “Add Observation” button, or by
Selecting the “+” icon next to the circuit on the circuits screen to automatically add the corresponding circuit
reference for which the observation relates to.

Customize your certificates to match your company branding.

  • Add your company logo
  • Change the colors to match your company color scheme

Additional features.

  • Certificates
  • Easy to navigate to the different sections of the certificate with the sections menu.

Pro Certs is available on the iPad, Android Tablets and Windows.
Scan the QR code to get your free trial by downloading “Pro Certs” directly from the app stores or for further
information visit https://www.procertssoftware.com/pro-certs/


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