‘Purpose-driven communication has become a nerve center to everything’

There is such an influx of authentic content today. Everything is available to an individual. The entire education behind false communications is also something the organizations are putting a lot of weight on. We, as people and professionals, now need to divide our minds to understand what is real and what is not.

To deliberate more on the same and other important points, exchange4media had an insightful conversation with Piyal Banerjee, Head – External Communications, IPM India Wholesale Trading Company Pvt. Ltd,. in e4m PR and Corp Comm’s Podcast series.

In this episode, Banerjee talked about her journey of almost two decades in the PR and communications industry, how she sees the industry reviving post-pandemic and more.

Speaking about her time in the industry, Banerjee recalled it as being exciting and dynamic. “I had the opportunity to work with some excellent brands and diverse market cultures and experiences. It has been a wonderful power-packed two decades and it just molded the kind of person that I am. There have been such nuance changes in the landscape of communication in the last two decades,” she added.

Moving further in the conversation, Banerjee talked about how she sees the industry reviving. She elucidated, “From a business dynamic, it has been as intense as for any other sector. I see this as a sustenance story as it has kept everything together. Purpose-driven communication has now become a nerve center of everything that organizations are doing. It is completely embedded in the sense of evidence and what kind of engagement the organization is putting behind both their internal and external stakeholders.”

Concluding the interview, Banerjee stated that she keeps learning from young professionals. It always fascinates her how the young generation is full of energy and confidence. They have their priorities figured. She conveyed, “Don’t be in a rush. Chase what you like. Figure out what is really making you happy. Do it well and success will follow.”

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