Get ready for hotter temps with these energy saving tips

COLORADO SPRINGS — As temperatures rise and air conditioner use increases, Colorado Springs Utilities (Springs Utilities) wants to remind customers to take a few simple steps to help save on their bills and reduce demands on the utility’s electric grid and water supply.

Energy saving tips

Beat the heat—with or without air conditioning:

  • Ceiling fans should be set to rotate counterclockwise to push cool air down.
  • Open doors and windows in the morning to cool the home naturally.
  • Use a fan on one end of the house to blow cool air in, and another at the other end facing outside to blow warm air out.
  • Close all the windows and doors once the home is cooled. Close thick blackout curtains or blinds to protect from the sun’s heat.
  • Use portable fans throughout the house to move air around.
  • Use home appliances like dryers and dishwashers during early morning or late evening hours. While these appliances are on, they let off extra heat. Even better, hang dry your clothes.
  • These are the perfect nights to cook on a grill outside or use your microwave. Skip the oven.

For homes with a cooling system:

  • Set the thermostat higher on hot days so the cooling system doesn’t work overtime.
  • Thermostats should also be left higher when not at home or at night when sleeping.
  • A smart thermostat will help schedule your system to run more efficiently.
  • Change the filter. This low-cost, easy-to-do task can save up to 15% on energy use.
  • Clean any dirt, leaves or debris near an outside unit.

Be water-wise with six key rules:

  • You may water up to three days a week. You choose the days.
    • From May 1 to Oct. 15, water before 10 am or after 6 pm to reduce evaporation.
  • Don’t let water pool on hard surfaces or flow down gutters.
  • Repair leaking sprinkler systems within 10 days.
  • Use a shut-off nozzle when washing anything with a hose.
  • Clean hard surfaces (such as driveways, sidewalks and patios) with water only if there is a public health and safety concern.
  • Reminder, Springs Utilities offers rebates for smart irrigation controllers, rain sensors, sprinkler heads and more.

New Program: Peak Energy Rewards

The Peak Energy Rewards program – available to customers with a qualifying smart thermostat and central air – is designed to help reduce energy use during times of high energy demand.

  • Incentives
    • Residential and business electric customers who have central air conditioning and own a qualifying smart thermostat receive a $50 bill credit for enrolling in Peak Energy Rewards.
    • Additionally, customers who stay enrolled in the program can receive an additional $25 bill credit each year.
  • How it works
    • From May 1 through Sept. 30, Springs Utilities may occasionally adjust a customer-enrolled thermostat(s) in their home or business during periods of high energy demand.
    • During these events, the thermostat will pre-cool, then the temperature will be adjusted no more than four degrees for a period no longer than four hours.
    • Events will not occur on weekends or holidays, except in the event of a rare system emergency.
    • Customers can opt-out of peak energy events from their mobile device, web browser or thermostat by simply changing the temperature setpoint.


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