Bury equal communication campaigners join James Daly in Parliament

Bury North MP James Daly welcomed campaigners from two organizations to the House of Commons last week as they call for equal communication in society.

People with learning disabilities and autism from Bury People First and Total Communication Services CIC who have formed a self-advocacy group made the journey to Parliament.

The self-advocates want communication to be recognised as a human right and have created a communication rights charter.

For the visit to Parliament, Mr Daly arranged for them to lobby a number of senior MPs, including the former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, the current chair of the Health Select Committee, Robert Halfon, chair of the Education Select Committee, Jake Berry, chair of the Northern Research Group and Joy Morrisey, PPS to the Prime Minister.

People from Bury People First and Total Communication Services CIC in Parliament

The campaigners are seeking:

• Equal value for communication.

• People to understand they have the right to communicate.

• Emergency services to be trained so they can communicate effectively in matters of life and death.

• People to have access to communication aids which include technology.

• Support staff working with people with communication needs to be trained need to be trained in communication support. People with learning disabilities should co-produce and deliver this training.

• After this training, people with learning disabilities need to check the quality of communication support.

• MPs to talk about these ideas as part of the Bill of Rights.

Mr Daly said: “Brilliant to welcome such a remarkable group of people to Westminster and I look forward to working with them on this important campaign going forward.

“This campaign will make a real difference to the lives of people with learning disabilities and autistic people and it is excellent to see it progress.”

A Bury People First spokesperson added: “It is important that people with learning disabilities and autistic people exercise their democratic right and that is exactly what Bury People First and Total Communication did in parliament.

“James Daly has pledged his support for this charter and we spoke to many MPs to look at how to co-produce, co-deliver and quality check mandatory communication training.

“The self-advocates really enjoyed the day and are looking forward to taking the petition to 10 Downing Street.”

A Total Communication Services CIC spokesperson said: “Communication needs can often be hidden, our campaign is about valuing all forms of communication and finding way of all voices being heard.”

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