The 3 Electric Vehicles With the Worst Fuel Economy Ratings

EVs are likely going to be the future of personal transportation. They offer a lot of improvements over gas-powered cars, especially in terms of aspects like pollution and fuel costs. While EVs are more efficient than gas-powered cars and will usually have much higher efficiency ratings, some EVs will be less efficient than others. Here’s a look at the three EVs on the market right now that have the worst fuel economy ratings.

What is MPGe and why does it matter?

EV charger | Getty Images

As Car and Driver wrote, MPGe stands for miles per gallon equivalent, and it’s a good way for customers to compare EVs with regular gas-powered cars. Since EVs don’t use gas, the way their MPGe is determined is relatively simple. When a car burns some gas, it’s producing some energy. The EPA took the energy that’s in a gallon of gas and used it as a benchmark for MPGe.

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