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MedTech Outlook | Monday, July 04, 2022

Companies that place a high priority on intelligent communication with employees about benefits packages will reap the advantages.

Fremont, CA: Employees are reevaluating other elements of their jobs to better their work experience, thanks to the emergence of alternative work models, including hybrid and remote work. One of these areas is the perks provided by employers as part of their compensation package. Employees nowadays expect greater freedom and choice from their companies, including benefit plans.

Employers must discover better methods to match the demands of today’s workforce and educate employees on the many sorts of flexible available, especially in light of the competitive labor market and the impending Great Resignation. Employee perks include more than just health insurance. Benefits spending accounts are one method for businesses to help their employees wherever they are. In addition, these accounts are adaptable, allowing them to support an employee’s health, wellbeing, and work-life.

Here are major suggestions for keeping employees informed regarding their benefits and increasing employee engagement.

Consider implementing an omnichannel communication plan.

Benefits packages for employees ought not to be one-size-fits-all. Various programs and spending accounts cater to multiple needs. It’s only natural because not every employee would use all of the advantages included in each package. Don’t let a lack of communication always be why the company benefits program isn’t being used to its full potential.

While communication tools are crucial for a successful benefits program, keeping employees engaged requires constant follow-up messages. Employees are constantly checking their inboxes for new messages. They may be more likely to use their benefits if they receive a quarterly email informing them of their options. Perhaps something in their life has changed in the previous three months, and one of their benefits packages corresponds to their current needs.

Ensure the material is up to date, relevant, and simple to comprehend.

Promoting their available plans in a way that gets company employees’ attention is an important part of effective employee engagement. When delivering email blasts or newsletters, ensure the subject line is navigable and the message’s content is engaging & has a strong call to action. One can, for example, sometimes publish tales from employees who have saved money by making use of their perks and spending accounts. Users may then propose options for employees to benefit from those savings at the end of the email.

Use data to help you make better benefits decisions in the future.

It is critical to track participation in company benefits plans to understand how they are used. For example, companies might conduct a company-wide study on benefit use to determine what works and what doesn’t. Users may also provide employees with an anonymous site via which they can give feedback on present perks.

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