all33 Hopes to Set a New Trend in Motion by Moving Manufacturing to the United States

The Axion (the name is a nod to physics), is designed to generate energy by allowing users to move while they sit. Its patented Sit in Motion® technology frees the pelvis and all 33 vertebrae to move naturally, combating serious health risks and increasing productivity as a result. For those striving for a healthier way to sit for hours and hours – an unavoidable task for the average American worker – the Axion chair works to boost energy for peak performance and improve posture for overall health. This chair is the ideal home upgrade for those looking to invest in themselves, their health, and the planet.

“We incorporated feedback from over 37,ooo customers of our flagship BackStrong chairs when designing the Axion. The updated design allows you to feel your best in and out of the chair,” says Co-Founder and Chiropractor, Dr. Dennis Colonello. “The new curve in the cushion allows for increased comfort by taking pressure off your sit bones and is ingeniously angled to stack your spine into perfect posture. It’s an antidote to our culture’s sedentary lifestyle.”

The shift to manufacturing in the United States has allowed the team to keep a close eye on every step of the manufacturing process. The Axion is produced in a completely vertically-integrated factory streamlined to reduce environmental impact. With everything from part production to shipping under one roof, all33 is able to reduce lead times for customers and offer custom colors and fabrics. The factory invested in electric plastic injection machines that use 40% less energy, hi-tech processes that allow for the use of recycled plastic in the seat base, and sophisticated fabric-cutting robotics technology to minimize excess upholstery waste. A state-of-the-art ventilation system, cross-training, and high wages are big draws for employees in the area. From thoughtful sourcing of raw materials to in-house, environmentally-safe processes, every step of manufacturing was designed with the planet and American workers in mind.

“As a startup, and like most industries, we began our manufacturing overseas but it was always our goal and a priority to move this process to the United States,” said CEO Bing Howenstein. “Moving fully to the US has also allowed us to reduce our carbon footprint and deliver a higher quality product to our existing and new customers. We are thrilled to set our manufacturing roots in Union City, TNbringing new job opportunities to the region while delivering the healthiest chair to Americans across the country.”

The Axion retails for $999 and is now available for purchase at

About all33:

all33 is a modern chair company driven by a commitment to innovation. By using technology to build products that encourage movement, they help people lead healthier lives. They created the first and only chair that can induce ideal posture and keep all 33 vertebrae of the spine moving. Founded by Dr. Dennis Collonello, chiropractor to the L.A. Clippers, and Jim Grove, an internationally-acclaimed industrial designer, the company has a mission to help people who sit find freedom through movement. Notable investors include Bruce Willis, Cindy Crawford, Tony Robbinsand more, as well as business trailblazers such as Evan Spiegel of Snap and former Disney CO Tom Staggs. Learn more at

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