SRP surpasses electric vehicle goal


Salt River Project had a goal to have 23,000 electric vehicles in the SRP service territory by the end of its fiscal year 2022.

By the end of April, there were more than 29,200 EV’s leased or purchased, according to the utility.

“Our overarching goal is to have 500,000 EV’s in our service territory by 2035,” said Jim Pratt, SRP’s chief customer executive.

“With the latest metrics, we saw over a 40 percent increase in EV’s from the previous year, and we are about 6 percent of the way to our 2035 goal, which means we are well on track. This is the collective work of partners across industries who collaborate to make switching to EV’s a simpler and nonintimidating process.”

SRP customer EV adoption rates can be at least partly attributed to EV-focused customer offerings, such as SRP’s residential smart charger rebate program, which more than 870 customers took advantage of in the last fiscal year, officials said. This surpassed SRP’s target for total rebates claimed by more than 175 percent, they added.

“In this ongoing program, participating customers save $250 on a Level 2 smart charger by shopping on the SRP Marketplace or applying for a rebate on eligible chargers,” a release stated.

“Hearing directly from our customers on their concerns, interests and questions related to EV adoption has helped us build programs to match their exact needs,” Pratt said.

“In addition to customer offerings, a big piece of the puzzle is creating access to EV education and awareness within the community, and finding ways to make this as equitable as possible,” Pratt said.

A partnership SRP has with Chargeway integrates “electric fuel” education across Valley car dealerships and “improves community awareness of SRP as a fuel provider, which helps support EV sales in the community,” according to the release.

With this partnership, EV informational kiosks are installed inside 12 Valley car dealerships, which are many times the access point where customers learn about EVs. Dealership representatives are equipped to share information including how to understand electricity as a fuel type, and EV charger rebates and incentives offered by both SRP and APS, depending on a customer’s electric utility provider.

Since developing its 2035 sustainability goals in 2019, SRP tracks the number of EV drivers based on those who lease or buy an EV within SRP’s service territory across the greater Phoenix metropolitan area within each SRP fiscal year, according to the provider utility.

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