Could Future Electric Trucks Replenish the Power Grid?

Some of the toughest terrains in the world could be used to create excess energy and replenish the power grid in hard-to-reach areas. Where could this take place? To begin with, this could happen in mountainous regions using electric trucks to supply power to the power grid in the area. While it sounds far-fetched, it’s already working in some regions; here’s how.

Gravity, oh that heartless force we love to curse

Person Stepping on a Bathroom Scale | Shutterstock

For most of us, especially those with a few excess pounds around the middle, gravity is our enemy. We curse it, mostly when we step on the Big Fat Liar (our bathroom scale), whenever we want to see what number shows up. Even though we don’t like gravity for our personal weight, it could be the driving force to supply a large amount of electric power to the energy grid in mountain regions.

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